80 thousand miners online and incredible payouts on the Ethereum network

Another month has come to an end – it has become September. In this regard, by tradition, we summarize the work of the 2Miners mining pool team.

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In September, the 2Miners mining pool reached a new user mark of 80 thousand. At the moment, the total figure reaches almost 83 thousand miners. The most popular pools are Ethereum, Ravencoin, Ethereum Classic, Monero, Ergo, and Firo.

80 thousand miners online

Number of miners on the 2Miners pool

How to fix SSL Certificate Verify Failed Error

On September 30, the important certificate IdentTrust DST Root CA X3 expired. This can cause problems for miners with an outdated version of the operating system who use an SSL connection to the pool.

Pool connection

You can usually update your operating system to fix the problem. For example, in the case of Windows XP, it is enough to install Service Pack 3. Read more about the topic in a separate article.

This problem can also arise when using mining software, as its developers deal with SSL certification in different ways. If your standard miner doesn’t work, try another one. A complete list of software for mining cryptocurrencies is on a separate page of the 2CryptoCalc calculator.

You can also install the certificate manually. Here are the installation instructions.

  1. Upload the certificate.
  2. Click Open.

  1. Click Install Certificate.

  1. Select the Local Machine option and click Next.

  1. Manually select the location of the certificate. Use the Trusted Root Certification Authorities option. Click Ok.

  1. Click Next to complete the process.

Updating cryptocurrency nodes

Representatives of the 2Miners pool always monitor the relevance of all programs. In September, they updated the Ergo, Cortex and ZEC nodes.

  • Ergo v4.0.13
  • Cortex v1.10.27-stable-11338a91
  • Zcash 4.5.1

Problems with the cost of gas in Ethereum

The latest Ethereum hard fork, which included the EIP1559 update, was supposed to lower fees on the Eth network. However, this did not happen.

For some days, the cost of gas skyrocketed, which is why payments on the mining pool were suspended. At the beginning of September, the 2Miners team was forced to increase the maximum gas price to 100 gvei for the payment. Previously, it was set at 71 gvei.

Since the beginning of August, users of the 2Miners pool can independently set the threshold for paying remuneration, however, they pay the cost of the commission themselves. The reason is that now pools can only set limits on the cost of gas, and not include the necessary transactions in blocks at the lowest prices.

We do not recommend that Ethereum miners set a low threshold for reward payments. Since the fees on the network are high now, most of the reward can be spent on paying transaction fees.

To illustrate, here are the record gas prices that were recorded in September.

Gas cost record

At the same time, the high price of gas had a positive effect on the miners of the 2Miners pool. In September, they received 52, 50 and 14 ETH for one block.

Mining ban in China

The main topic for discussion among miners in September was the ban of cryptocurrencies in China. The day before, the country’s government decided to ban all activities related to digital assets. Accordingly, now all transactions in the country and cryptocurrency mining in China are illegal.

Closing the Sparkpool

In this regard, the largest mining pool in the world called Sparkpool closed yesterday. Other Chinese mining pools such as Beepool and F2pool are scheduled to shut down in October. In this regard, miners are looking for alternatives.

2Miners is the only pool outside of China that is available in Chinese.

Mining pool 2Miners in Chinese

Pool 2Miners has always remained anonymous and transparent. However, in accordance with our terms of use, miners confirm that they are aware of local news and the specifics of regulation of cryptocurrencies and mining in their country when mining coins on the 2Miners pool.

For example, 2Miners Ethereum pool servers are located all over the world: in Europe, America and Asia. The software settings are indicated on the mining start page.

Ethereum Mining Start Page

Please note that when choosing a mining pool, you should consider the so-called stale balls. Share statistics are maintained by the 2Miners pool.

If there is no stale ball, ping or latency is irrelevant. The indicator can be equal to 10ms, 100ms or 1000ms – this will not reduce your reward.

New languages ​​for calculator 2CryptoCalc

The 2CryptoCalc mining profitability calculator is now available in six languages: Russian, English, Spanish, Turkish, Portuguese and German. The last two languages ​​were added in September. Thanks to all the community miners who helped us achieve a quality translation.

2CryptoCalc calculator interface

New API for Ravencoin, Ethereum Classic and Callisto

New API and statistics pages are ready for RVN, ETC and CLO pools. The pool successfully migrated to the new server. If you do not see the new statistics, clear the cache in your browser using the Shift + Ctrl + R combination.

New statistics will show detailed data on hashrate and shares. You can also change the payout threshold for the specified mining pools.

Ergo statistics on the 2Miners pool

The 2Miners team continues to work on the transfer of mining pools of other coins to the new API system. This will happen in the near future.

Ergo servers in Asia and America

Good news awaits for Ergo (ERG) miners. Servers for Ergo on 2Miners are now available in Asia and America. Server details are available on the pool help page.

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