In December, the 2Miners pool achieved important results: we are talking about 12 thousand online miners in total and 6 thousand Ethereum miners in PPLNS and SOLO.

The pool team would like to thank the users for their support. It is the miners who inspire the creators of 2Miners to try their best to provide users with the best pool possible.

At the end of 2020, Bitcoin skyrocketed and began to set new records. In this regard, interest in mining has increased significantly: the number of ASICs and video cards on the network is growing almost every day. If you are also a beginner in manners, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the most important materials on the topic:

These are exactly the basics that every miner should be familiar with. If you are just planning to connect to the mining of cryptocurrencies, you need to calculate the cost of equipment costs and estimate the profitability of mining.

The day before, we updated the article “Build Ethereum Mining Farm 2021”, and it is worthy of attention. 2CryptoCalc, which is the easiest-to-use mining profitability calculator, will help with calculating the profitability of mining different cryptocurrencies. Well, detailed instructions for working with it are described in a separate material.

Ethereum mining news

Ethereum hit an annual high in December. Overall, the number of ETH miners has increased by 20 percent this month.

Amid growing interest in mining, the 2Miners pool team doubled the number of servers for mining ETH in PPLNS mode in Europe and Asia. This will help to cope with the increased load and ensure the stability of mining.

By the way, this month the network recorded a block of 24.88 ETH. It turns out that one block brought almost 25 ethers! Naturally, due to the peculiarities of the PPLNS payment system, the entire reward went to the miners of the 2Miners pool.

Starting with the era of the Ethereum network at number 382, ​​which began on December 16, owners of 4 GB video cards need to update the software and sometimes specify additional settings to mine ETH. All the details on this topic are described in the article “How to continue mining Ethereum on video cards with 4 GB after stopping mining due to the DAG file”.

Up-to-date information on the era number and DAG file size is displayed on the main page of the Ethereum mining pool 2Miners.

Hacking EXMO cryptocurrency exchange

On December 21, 2020, the EXMO cryptocurrency exchange was hacked, which is why the management suspended all deposits and withdrawals from the platform. They were renewed a few days later, but the deposit addresses were changed.

Pool team 2Miners helped miners transfer coins from old addresses to new ones, even though it was against the rules of the pool. The developers of 2Miners decided that EXMO representatives needed support – especially in difficult times. As you know, friends are known in trouble.

2Miners believes that every company in the cryptocurrency industry deserves respect. Still, the blockchain asset niche is very young, so colleagues should help each other. This is exactly what the employees of the 2Miners pool do.

If you have any problems due to hacking of the EXMO exchange, please send a request to the Helpdesk.

Halving Horizen ZEN

The Horizen ZEN halving took place on December 2, 2020 at block 840,000. Because of this, the block reward dropped from 7.5 to 3.75 ZEN.

Grin payout problems

Paying to Grin’s manners is becoming more and more complex. In November, the Poloniex exchange delisted the cryptocurrency in November, and in December, the HotBit platform experienced problems with the coin. Fortunately, the developers of the 2Miners mining pool have found a way out of the situation, so now payments are being made without any delays.

An important point. Due to the upcoming liquidation of Grin https addresses, we recommend that all cryptocurrency miners use TOR addresses. An example of such a wallet is Grin ++.

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