Tutorial: How to Use CoinDesk’s Crypto-Economics Explorer

Officially launched in beta this week, the CoinDesk Crypto-Economics Explorer (CEX) is the newest tool in our arsenal of data products, one that we believe is our most innovative and forward-looking to date.

Tutorial: How to Use CoinDesk’s Crypto-Economics Explorer

Ambitious in scope, we know our tool takes a bit of getting used to.

Unlike our Bitcoin Price Index (BPI), the most widely cited indicator of the price of bitcoin, the CEX is a departure in that it brings together a wider range of data points – including social, network and developer data – in an attempt to measure the full scope of a crypto asset market.

With the CEX, we believe we’ve taken the first step down a path that offers the same visual power of a traditional price chart, while conveying more data about the health and maturity of a crypto asset market.

In short, it’s best thought of as a tool, one we hope to refine as the study of crypto-economics continues around the world.

Over the coming months and years, we’re hoping to continue building, adding new data points and crypto assets, until we can confidently say our product is able to measure the full scope of a crypto asset market.

We hope this video will help introduce you to our vision for a more complete crypto data tool and encourage you to get involved in testing and refining our methodologies.

In this video, you’ll learn:

  • How to compare crypto asset networks using the CEX
  • How to use each feature of the CEX, including our zoom feature, calendar and data table
  • The 6 unique benchmarks that comprise the CEX visualizer
  • The specific methodologies we’re using as a stepping stone in refining our tool.

Our video didn’t answer your specific question? Visit our glossary for a full and complete explanation.

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