Cloudbric: Decentralized, Accessible, AI-based Cybersecurity for Individuals

The founding members of Cloudbric have over 30 years of IT, information security, and cyber security knowledge and experience. Cloudbric began as an in-house initiative by a leading security company, Penta Security Systems Inc. It became its own legal entity in 2017 and in May this year announced the launch of a reverse initial coin offering (ICO) for its blockchain-based security platform.

Several members of the Cloudbric team have already contributed to the cybersecurity community and cybersecurity innovation by developing a number of security patents.

“The Cloudbric team is comprised of talented and highly-driven individuals with a shared goal of creating a universal security platform for the masses.”

The platform will provide a diverse suite of artificial intelligence-based cybersecurity solutions for all users. Cloudbric’s decentralized security services will primarily focus on website security, mobile device security, and crypto asset protection.

“Cloudbric aims to revolutionize the cybersecurity realm by making information security open and accessible to all by harnessing the power of blockchain.”

Already an established enterprise and website cybersecurity provider, Cloudbric is launching a decentralized universal security platform which will provide a diverse suite of AI-based cybersecurity services for personal use.

The ICO will launch the Cloudbric token, CLB, to be used in an information security sharing ecosystem, rewarding “those who contribute to the growth of the universal security platform.”

“Our Security Rewards Program will help incentivize users to participate in the active growth of Cloudbric’s deep learning security detection capabilities.”

To use Cloudbric services, participants will be expected to keep a minimum balance of CLB tokens in secure CLB wallets to utilize Cloudbric’s suite of applications. The CLB tokens will also be used to purchase services and discounts from its global partnership network.

The cybersecurity company’s deep learning module is titled “VISION” and is the core technology powering the Cloudbric platform. Its integration will “pave the way for Cloudbric to become one of the most accurate and low false positive rated solutions on the market.”

“Using a Convolutional Neural Network (CNN) learning model that extracts patterns of behavior using a diverse set of attack inputs and data, it VISION will offer the ability to more intelligently detect a new wave of cyber threat attacks targeting various end user devices, systems, and protocols.”

First steps for the innovative cybersecurity firm are to integrate deep learning technology into its cybersecurity services and to begin the “Security Rewards Program”. Next on the roadmap is to develop and expand the universal security platform and decentralize security information on the blockchain.

“After the universal security platform has matured, Cloudbric has plans to begin to conceptualize and develop a similar IoT security platform.”

The whitepaper outlines the project, ICO, and roadmap in more depth. Cloudbric told CoinJournal its greatest strengths in the eyes of potential investors and supporters:

“Cloudbric uses the reverse ICO concept, which means we are able to build on our pre-existing website security services and technologies to tap more easily into other much-needed security solutions with expertise and know-how already on hand.”

An established company, Cloudbric feel it can be more trusted to “lead the way” in transforming cybersecurity.

“As a result, existing customers and users of a reverse ICO solution will benefit from an increased value proposition.”

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