Drone photography diehards pick their favorite shots of 2017

Drone photo-sharing site Dronestagram has released their favorite images of the year, selected by the site’s moderators. The selections showcase a diverse range of locations and subjects including a leaping polar bear in Arctic Canada, a sweeping waterfall in Iceland, and window washers hanging off a Moscow skyscraper.

Drones have allowed photographers to explore perspectives previously only available to those with access to airplanes and helicopters. Their relative ease of use and increasingly cheaper costs have revolutionized photography for professionals and amateurs alike.


Quad bikes cross sand dunes in Namibia. (LukeMaximoBell/Dronestagram)

Serengeti National Park, Tanzania

Hippos in Serengeti National Park. (yannick68/Dronestagram)

Chiang Mai, Thailand

Two scooters crossing a bridge in Chiang Mai, Thailand. (tominspires/Dronestagram)

Algarve, Portugal

A long staircase leading to one of the most beautiful beaches in Algarve, Portugal. (jcourtial/Dronestagram)

Alexandria Bay, New York

A house surrounded by water in Alexandria Bay, New York. (JustenSoule/Dronestagram)

Bac Lieu Province, Vietnam

Salt fields in Bac Lieu Province, Vietnam. (helios1412/Dronestagram)

Moscow, Russia

Window washers hang alongside Mercury City Tower in Moscow, Russia. (Alexey Goncharov/Dronestagram)

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Skyscrapers in Dubai. (bachirm/Dronestagram)

Kefalonia, Greece

Melissani Cave on the Greek island of Kefalonia. (Calin Stan/Dronestagram)

Sveti Stefan, Montenegro

A view of a hotel along the coast of Montenegro. (makadron/Dronestagram)

Gullfoss waterfall, Iceland

The Gullfoss waterfall in Iceland. (Vaidas/Dronestagram)

Nunavut, Canada

A polar bear moves between pieces of sea glacier. (Florian Ledoux/Dronestagram)

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