Melania Trump wishes you all an apocalyptic Christmas

In videos posted on Twitter, she performs holiday tasks such as pointing at a tray of cookies, froofing a red bow on a wreath, marking a map of the White House’s decorations, and watching a dozen men and several horses deliver an 18 1/2-foot balsam fir tree-all without putting her arms through the sleeves of her coat.

US first lady Melania Trump is in the Christmas spirit, as she has extensively documented on social media.

The videos do little to dispel the first lady’s image as an ice queen who’s apathetic about her role in The White House, which may be sparkling with more than 18,000 lights-plus a 350-pound gingerbread replica of itself-but still looks pretty cold.

The theme for this year’s decor is “Time-Honored Traditions”, as exhibited by ballerinas performing “The Nutcracker Suite” as the first lady looked on-a picture of “menacing enchantment”, as The New Yorker’s Jia Tolentino put it. But perhaps no one captured the White House’s Christmas spirit quite like the first lady’s own director of communications, Stephanie Grisham.

“The holidays are upon us!!” Grisham tweeted, with a photo depicting a foreboding corridor of under-lit white branches that recalls the stark white landscape where the Ghost of Christmas Future escorts Bill Murray’s character in the 1988 Christmas classic, Scrooged (1:45). It’s unclear if her double exclamation marks were intended to convey glee or terror. “Flotus is seeing to every last detail here at The White House.”

Merry Christmas from the Trumps! Winter is coming.

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