The exact time the UK will leave the EU is set

The latest round of negotiations between the EU and the UK ended with very little progress. But one thing ended up being set: the exact time of the exit.

The historical moment the UK leaves the bloc had been set for midnight on March 29, 2019. But it was not clear if both sides agreed on what that meant. Was it midnight in Brussels or London? After all, the capital of the EU and the capital of the UK are one hour apart.

The UK said in March that it would leave the bloc when Big Ben rang midnight in London. But the EU said in May the exit would happen at the latest at midnight in Brussels.

It seems over the past few days both sides may have reached an agreement. During the talks, first UK prime minister Theresa May, after the first day, then EU chief negotiator Michel Barnier, after the second day, casually mentioned the time of the historical moment.

For the Europeans, the exit will happen at midnight, Brussels time. For the British, it will happen at a less dramatic 11pm, London time.

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