Apple released a video on how to use the iPhone X because it’s quite confusing

The iPhone X is a break from the last decade of iPhone design, removing the home button that has traditionally sat below the bottom of the screen.

As a result, Apple’s had to come up with all sorts of gestures and button-pressing to replace what the home button did.

Apple’s latest and apparently greatest iPhone hit stores around the world today (Nov. 3).

Replacing a decade’s worth of muscle memory won’t be easy for most consumers, and it seems that Apple realizes this. Earlier today, it uploaded a tutorial on YouTube on how to do all the things you knew how to do with ease on the iPhone X. Some of them are rather fiddly, but Apple’s video will show you how to enjoy your new $1,000 rectangle as fully as possible:

The video had already been viewed more than 127,000 times today, at the time of publishing.

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