Media Fight Night calls on industry leaders to get into boxing ring

“There’s already been huge interest, including some female involvement, which we didn’t have last year”, John Maloney, the organiser of Media Fight Night, said. “But we’d like some more senior involvement.”

Media Fight Night calls on industry leaders to get into boxing ring

Media Fight Night, now in its fourth year, sees around a dozen media industry fighters take part in a series of bouts in front of an 1,100-strong black tie audience at the Park Plaza Hotel Westminster Bridge in London on 22 November.

Official training, which last for 15 weeks and includes two sessions a week with professional trainers, starts this week.

Maloney, investment director of M/SIX in Europe, Middle East and Africa, set up Media Fight Night in aid of the Head & Neck Cancer Foundation.

The three previous evenings raised over £400,000 and Maloney is hopeful that figure should pass £500,000, if it hits its £150,000 target this year.

Competitors in Media Fight Night 2017 included ITV’s Kelly Williams, Blue 449’s Simon Davis and Telegraph Media Group’s Chris Forrester and the master of ceremonies was ESI Media’s Jon O’Donnell.

“We have been extremely lucky to have had some of the most senior members of the media industry take part in previous years”, Maloney said.

“We want the industry to get behind this year’s event in terms of participation, tickets and support.”

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