Jaguar Land Rover-backed car rental brand Liquid signals debut marketing push

InMotion Ventures, the startup studio that was launched by JLR in 2016, has contacted agencies with a request for information but has not yet specified a marketing brief for Liquid.

Land Rover Discovery Sport: the Liquid app allows people to have the car delivered to them for rental A spokeswoman for Jaguar Land Rover confirmed there are no pitches planned for ad agencies but did not comment further.

Appointing a first ad agency would be a clear sign that Liquid, a new service that is so far only available in central London, is gearing up for a marketing push as it attempts to disrupt the car rental market.

Marketing material created on the brand’s website a week ago explains that Liquid has “reimagined how car rental should be” because it delivers and picks up the car and does not charge for hidden extras.

The Liquid service is accessed by a smartphone app with which users can book a Land Rover Discovery Sport to a London location within minutes, as long as one provides a picture of their licence and proof of address.

JLR launched InMotion Ventures in April 2016 as a separate “innovation” company that was tasked with building mobility apps and services that complement the Jaguar Land Rover brand.

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