The Simple Ledger Protocol has grown quite popular and this week witnessed the first SLP hackathon which saw developers code with the token standard in order to create innovative ideas. SLPVH was sponsored by cryptocurrency operations such as Coinflex, Cryptophyl, Satoshi’s Angels,,, Spicetoken, and Fountainhead. Various teams participated with names like Bluewire, Cryptopandas, Dune Squad, Lower the dust, SLP stream, and Tokenvend. There was a limit to a maximum team size of six people and all of the hackathon projects had to involve the Simple Ledger Protocol. The rules further added that “all team members should be present in the chat for the event and should have their Github connected.”

Software developers wrapped up the first Simple Ledger Protocol Virtual Hackathon (SLPVH) which ended on September 30 with the first place prize awarded to the Project Ignite team. The developers’ project, called Hamingja, is a non-tradeable SLP token that utilizes checkdatasig covenants for a loyalty points system. The second and third place teams created an SLP paper wallet generator and a full client-side SLP management suite.

The First Annual Simple Ledger Protocol Virtual Hackathon

SLP Hackathon Produces a Variety of Innovative Token Ideas

Software developers wrapped up the first Simple Ledger Protocol Virtual Hackathon (SLPVH) on September 30, 2019.

The teams from around the world used an official SLPVH token to vote on the best project which added a unique voting system to the contest. Participating teams had to vote for another SLPVH project and could not vote for a project they worked on. Project Ignite won the first place prize by gathering 2,830 votes with the loyalty points system Hamingja. According to the specifications, the project uses “SLP transactions combined with BCH checkdatasig covenants” which make non-tradeable tokens. Project Ignite’s website shows how SLP loyalty points are durable, portable, and “should be reliable.” “A cheaper alternative solution for merchants – It only requires a fraction of BCH to create own SLP loyalty cards”, explain the Hamingja creators.

SLP Hackathon Produces a Variety of Innovative Token Ideas

The SLP loyalty points system called Hamingja which uses a combination of SLP transactions with BCH checkdatasig covenants.

Paper Wallets and a Client-Side SLP Management Suite

The second place team, ‘BitCH SLaP,’ had 1,535 votes with a customizable, client-side SLP wallet generator. People who want to use the software can find the paper wallet landing page at and the team has also created a video demo. Alongside the demo, the creators released another video on how to change wallet templates. According to the repository’s documentation, the generator was forked from’s paper wallet generator. Just like a traditional paper wallet or address generator, people must download a local copy and run the program on an offline machine for better security. The creation of an SLP paper wallet creator will allow people to mint and distribute SLP-token-based bearer bond instruments.

Team Pitico’s full client-side SLP management suite won third place with 1,389 votes. The open-source documentation explains that the platform is a “full client-side web app to create and manage your SLP tokens in a user-friendly way.” The project developers detail in the repository that the platform is in its early stages and note that the suite can create, mint, transfer, import wallets, and change the REST APIs. People can mess with the platform by visiting the website or build and run the app in development mode.

The crypto news outlet recorded the SLPVH event so the BCH community could get a glimpse of the action. The SLPVH organizer JT told the community that it was a fun weekend he can’t wait to do again. Many of the SLPVH developers worked tirelessly on each project and shared a few project ideas on social media. Bitcoin Cash Developer and the creator of SLPDEX, Tobias Ruck, published a video of his project after the event. “Cryptopandas Hackathon demo – We didn’t quite finish it but all the pieces are in place – Also I’m tired”, said Ruck.

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