Voice and Exit is Austin’s Fringe, Futuristic Festival

“If TED and Burning Man had a baby, it would be Voice & Exit”, according to past attendees of Austin’s futuristic conference and festival.

Voice & Exit will make its fifth appearance in Austin, May 18-20. “Seeds” Speakers will debut cutting-edge tech and radical proposals that “maximize human flourishing.”

“It’s a magnet for visionary thinkers and doers”, explains CEO Seth Blaustein. “We attract speakers operating at the frontier of human possibility.”

2018 Speakers include futurist Robin Hanson (Age of Em), transhumanist Natasha Vita-More, blockchain visionary Balaji Srinivasan and space colonization visionary, Rick Tumlinson.

Voice & Exit was early to introduce audiences to fringe projects like bitcoin and seasteading, which have since made it into the mainstream. The organizers aim to “weave a holistic vision of a beautiful future that is possible now.”

“This year is big”, said co-founder Max Borders. “The world will be introduced to innovations such as Holochain, not to mention the latest on efforts to colonize space.”

Other topics include:

  • Curing aging and life extension
  • Future cities
  • Decentralizing everything
  • “Consciousness Hacking” for wellbeing
  • Starting up your own country on the sea or in the “cloud”

Voice & Exit is also known for its interactive breakout sessions called “Sprouts”, as well as its festival called “Blooms.”

“I go to a lot of blockchain conferences, and I love them”, said past President of Wanchain and past attendee, Dustin Byington, “but it’s really great when you pull people in from all these different disciplines, and that’s when there’s some real magic that happens.”

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