The Biggest World Summit on Cryptocurrency and Blockchain will be held in Moscow in May

More than 100 countries at the level of top officials and curators of blockchain technologies from states, more than 3,000 participants, more than 300 speakers, 2 days.

World Blockchain and Cryptocurrency summit (hereinafter: WBCSummit) will be held in May 19-20, 2018 in Moscow. The Organizing Committee of the Summit heads the counsellor to the President to the Russian Federation for Internet development German Klimenko.

For the first time the Summit was held in Moscow on January 27, 2018 and brought together representatives of more than 30 countries of Europe, North America, Middle East, Africa and Asia, responsible for blockchain regulation. In just 1.5 months more than 20 countries joined the Summit, and by May more than 100 are expected.

Leaders, ministers and members of parliaments are expected to arrive, in particular, the Prime Minister of Malta, the first blockchain president of Sierra Leone, members of the parliaments of European countries.

WBCSummit has the most scale international representation: sessions of the Summit are held all over the world: in Dubai, Tashkent, Shanghai, Kishinev, Yerevan and Malta. Negotiations are underway with representatives of 9 other States, which are ready to support the WBCSummit mission at the government level and provide resources for the session in their countries, including Finland, Nigeria, Malaysia, Germany.

The largest International Decentralized Association on Cryptocurrency and Blockchain IDACB, which includes more than 50 states, is the organizer of WBCSummit.

wbc summit

Within the Summit the Platform Day is planned, where all the major cryptocurrency platforms will gather for the first time.

The core subject of the WBCSummit in May – “How crypto currencies and the blockchain will change the world economy? What are the best solutions for each direction?”

Business program consists of sectors, which cover all the issues associated with the use of cryptocurrency: Education, FINTECH, Logistics, Healthcare, Smart City, Cryptocurrencies, Cryptotrading, Legal subtleties, ICO projects and the security of Cryptocurrency.

The main goal of the Summit participants formulate as follows: how to ensure the safety of investments in ICO through government regulation; what legislative initiatives for cryptocurrency transactions will be strategically right for all market participants. Also the issues  of support of social projects proven to the development of digital technologies are considered as important.

World ICO Show will take place within the WBCSummit, where the pitches of the best ICO projects in key business areas will be arranged. The total loan of investment is more than 2$ BILLION.

The main goal of both WBCSummit and IDACB is to combine the experience and expertise of cryptocurrency and blockchain specialists from around the world, in particular, official representatives of the state power. In this case, it is possible to develop standards of the sector at the international level and effectively development of  blockchain technologies.

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