Certified Blockchain Based Diamond Exchange CEDEX

January 12th 2018 is the CEDEX Coin pre-sale date. CEDEX is a groundbreaking Blockchain based Diamond exchange (www.CEDEX.com). CEDEX will integrate both the crypto-financial markets and the traditional diamond industry.


The CEDEX project was created by a diverse team of specialists and is incubated and financed by TechFinancials Inc which is a publicly traded company on the London Stock Exchange.

TechFinancial is a 90% majority interest holder and being a public company brings both stability, experience, and a skilled workforce to the project. Their financial and software engineers, together with a successful online marketing team, are the driving force behind CEDEX.


Historically, diamonds have been a superb source of wealth, providing both stability and retaining an inherent value globally. Traders in the diamond industry have capitalized for centuries, while the general public has been unable to invest in this commodity. Currently, the global diamond market is roughly 95% consumer retail demand and only 5% investment. It’s been projected by 2022 that a severe supply-demand shortfall will be reached. The demand is projected to outstrip supply by approximately 41 million carats. The demand and supply gap is expected to have an incremental year over year increase, further boosting the value of diamonds.

Despite the appeal of diamonds, several stumbling blocks have prevented diamonds from being used as an investment asset class by the public:

– Difficulty in establishing uniform pricing: Diamonds are each unique and not easily interchangeable due to the vast amount of characteristics.

– The diamond market lacks liquidity: The public can only buy retail diamonds and re-selling them at market value is difficult for individuals.

-As current diamond exchanges are B2B (business to business), the public are excluded

CEDEX plans to solve these issues by providing a bridge between the traditional diamond industry and advanced financial markets. For the first time, the public will be enabled to invest in diamonds safely and transparently. By opening up this lucrative commodity to trading by savvy investors, the worth of the product itself will be further enhanced through increased demand. Previously diamond trading was unregulated and veiled in secrecy, but through blockchain technology, these precious assets can now be traded openly in larger volumes and by more people.

Why Invest in Diamonds?

Whenever the global economy suffers turbulent times, the best investors realize that physical commodities have the most stable growth potential. However, diamonds have increased in value irrespective of turmoil – during both good and bad times. Diamonds serve as possibly the best example of an investment that is almost impervious to external factors and has numerous advantages:

– Portability and storage: Due to their miniscule size, the portability and storage of diamonds are far more straightforward than any other physical commodities.

– Inflation-Proof: Over no extended period have diamonds ever devalued.

– The diamond industry employs over 10 million people both directly and indirectly. This is testament to the established nature of the commodity.

– Emerging middle-class markets in countries such as China and India are fueling demand for diamonds.

–  Traditional investors in precious metals may be inclined to flood the diamond market when accessibility is no longer an issue.

How it works

A private dealer wishing to sell their holdings will create a smart contract by using the simple CEDEX tokenization onboarding process. This contract is the financial offering and can be the sale of a single diamond, a shared investment on a high-value diamond or a diamond bundle.

The diamonds are then delivered to the custodian and validated through a comparison to their GIA certificate. Once approved, blockchain technology is used to generate a Diamond Token and this is credited to the user’s wallet. All diamonds remain with the custodian for safe-keeping, and the owner has the option to either list his diamond token on CEDEX or sell directly to another user.

The CEDEX exchange only allows trade of GIA (Gemological Institute of America) certified diamonds, giving all users peace of mind and furthering market stability.

Only CEDEX Coins can be used to purchase the diamonds on offer.

The Technology

Two primary issues needed solving to allow commodity asset tokenization of diamonds:

– The invention of a process that transforms diamonds from a unique asset to a quantifiable asset with defined value.

– The creation of a trading platform that provides a dual market in which investors can buy or sell diamonds.

Making all this possible is the proprietary technology behind CEDEX, a self-learning algorithm called DEX. The underlying purpose of Dex is to combine the two markets seamlessly and with transparency. DEX has three core elements:

– The gemological composition of specific diamonds listed on CEDEX.

– Diamond market financial indices

– Global inventory data

DEX can utilize all given diamond data with its artificial neural network technology.

There’s a beta version of DEX available at www.CEDEX.com which can give you an instant theoretical price for your GIA certified diamond assets and a rating based on relative market value.

The CEDEX Coin

The CEDEX coin is traded over the public Ethereum network and enables users to transform their assets into diamonds on CEDEX. It is an ERC-20 Compatible token which will be listed on all major exchanges and be transferable to other crypto and fiat currencies.

The only method of payment on the CEDEX exchange will be the CEDEX coin, and only a limited amount will be sold. If there is a surplus of unsold coins, these will be destroyed, thereby limiting the number of coins in circulation and enhancing value.

Funds allocation

The token sale funds will be allocated in the following way:

45% Marketing and Business Development.

20% Further Development of the CEDEX Platform.

15% Licensing and Regulation.

20% Working Capital.

Benefits of CEDEX

– A tangible asset bought and sold with a limited cryptocurrency.

– Proprietary software which accurately assesses the value of diamonds and a market with sufficient liquidity.

– Costs are minimised as no additional transportation, or insurance costs are incurred while the physical assets are in the ecosystem.

– No Fiat currency transaction costs.

– The Diamond Token contains both a diamonds origin and all transactions.

– Trades are simple, quick and efficient.

– Open blockchain technology allows anyone to analyze the data.

– Existing diamond dealers have a new channel of distribution.

– An investment with wide-ranging appeal

The primary interest holder, being a publicly traded company, also  brings the following benefits:

– Thoroughly audited and accountable to shareholders

– Access to both TechFinancials experience and workforce.

With the backing of a publicly traded company, together with the advent of a robust trading platform for a core value commodity, CEDEX certainly has a unique appeal.

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