Tron (TRX) Team despite Weak Market Performance is Not Backing Down

When the crypto-market is overtaken by bears having their saying, best to do is taking a step back and gather more knowledge about the tech we all enthusiast so much about. One of the best contenders in the digital currency verse with no doubt is Tron (TRX) as since its debut the coin has cemented its place within the group of the best.

Tron TRX Latest

The very famous and crypto-community celebrity level Justin Sun – founder of Tron, has announced that when his social media page hits the big one million mark he has a surprise stored for his followers. On Facebook it already did as the page counts just above the big One Mil number.

Sharing EthereumWorldNews blog post that covered the story, Mr. Sun marked a milestone reached for the Tron project as he noted that the accounts on its mainnet had surpassed those of EOS – a much older blockchain platform. In the tweet, Justin stated that:

#TRON MainNet accounts have surpassed #EOS. 12:00pm, September 4, 2018, according, #TRON MainNet: 301,604 V.S. #EOS: 299,743. The #TRON Network continues to thrive and gains more recognition 71 days post #TRON MainNet launch.

Tipping – One possible explanation for the rapid increment of accounts on the Tron mainnet, is the GoSeedIt tipping platform that has enabled users on both Twitter and Telegram to send each other small amounts of TRX.

In the Twitter announcement on the 2nd of September, the GoSeedIt Team stated the following:

You may have heard, Airdrop and Rain are new features for #Seedit. They’re currently in Beta on Telegram. Admins of any Telegram group can now make it rain on their members!

Merchandising – Partnering up with Crypto and Proud, the Tron Foundation is offering TRX inspired merchandise from T-Shirts to iPhone X Cases. What is a community without shirts with TRX’s logo on them!

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