EOS Battling to Stay Above $5.00 Against the US Dollar: Major Hits Taken from Tron TRX

As the coin prices were able to overcome the border set by the resistant declining trend line, gates opened for a new but higher trading ground to form. We witnessed many leading digital assets gaining in double digits only in 24-hours on the 13th of Sep. One of them that was doing pretty well compared to the last 7 days is EOS against the US Dollar.


Most of the coins are following how the leading BTC and ETH are performing by which almost all are standing at the same time at crucial points. As EOS was unable to overcome the $5.50 mark which acted as a support previously, it is returning declining to test the major $5.00 level.

About EOS – It all started with a $4 billion raised offering that the developers behind the platform – Block.one initiated. The fifth largest cryptocurrency per time of writing by market capitalization very often is the center of the very bitcoin-centric cryptoverse ecosystem with news and development flushing in.

EOS Battling to Stay Above $5.00 Against the US Dollar: Major Hits Taken from Tron TRX

Two weeks after its MainNet launch, in a Reddit post by “SonataSystems”, screenshots from the EOS telegram chat show excerpts of a conversation between Dan Larimer and Simon Case. Larimer is the chief technology officer (CTO) of EOS.

EOS Investing

With Tron having its MainNet shift happen close to EOS, an indirect yet very visible competition between the two rose. The community following EOS did experience a difficult time by their competitors from Tron as TRON‘s success was highlighted in many occasions by weighting numbers with EOS. So did Justin Sun – founder of Tron (TRX) who tweeted:

#TRON MainNet accounts have surpassed #EOS. 12:00pm, September 4, 2018, according to http://trxplorer.io and http://eosflare.io, #TRON MainNet: 301,604 V.S. #EOS: 299,743. The #TRON Network continues to thrive and gains more recognition 71 days post #TRON MainNet launch.

One possible explanation for the rapid increment of accounts on the Tron mainnet, is the GoSeedIt tipping platform that has enabled users on both Twitter and Telegram to send each other small amounts of TRX. The tipping of TRX on social media has been given the hashtag name of #OperationTronStorm and it has even the Pope being tipped in TRX on twitter.

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