Ethereum’s Monthly Returns in June are its Lowest Since March 2020

The monthly close is hours away and Ethereum is on track to end June with -21% in returns. June 2021 has been the worst month for Ethereum since March 2020 after the Coronavirus crash

However, Ethereum has had positive returns in nine of the last 12 months. Quarterly returns in Q2 2021, are also in the green at 11.15%

The digital asset of Ethereum (ETH) is on track towards closing the month of June 2021 with -21% in returns. At the time of writing, Ethereum is trading at $2,130 with a few hours till the monthly close.

If Ethereum maintains its price at current levels, the month of June will be the worst month for ETH since March 2020 when Coronavirus was declared a pandemic.

Ethereum’s monthly returns have been visualized in the following table courtesy of Bybt.com.

Ethereum's Monthly Returns in June are its Lowest Since March 2020 17

9 out of 12 Months Have Been Green For Ethereum

From the data above, it can be observed that Ethereum’s monthly returns in March 2020 stood at -38.98%. Ethereum would then go on to experience considerable gains in the crypto markets with the months of April and May 2020, closing with double-digit gains. As is the case right now, June 2020 closed with negative returns.

On the bright side, nine out of the last twelve months have been positive ones for Ethereum in terms of returns.

Ethereum is on Track Towards Closing Q2 with 11.15% in Returns

Ethereum’s performance is more encouraging when viewed in terms of quarterly returns. According to Bybt.com, ETH is on track towards closing Q2 2021 with 11.15% in returns. Additionally, Ethereum has closed its last six quarters in the green as seen in the following table courtesy of the tracking website.

Ethereum's Monthly Returns in June are its Lowest Since March 2020 18

Ethereum Continues to Defend the $2k Support and 200-day Moving Average

In terms of price action, not much has changed for Ethereum as ETH is still trading above the crucial $2k support and the 200-day moving average. The $2k price area is once again the level to watch during tonight’s monthly close for Ethereum.

Also worth mentioning is that a death cross is in the pipeline for Ethereum in the next few weeks. Therefore, caution is advised when trading Ethereum on the various derivatives platforms.

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