Ripple Reveals Another Global Financial Institution Using XRP-Powered xRapid

During the Swell Conference, after announcing the public release of xRapid, the Ripple team commented that there were already three important global payment processors already making real use of this technology.

Ripple is building on its success and consolidating itself as the “bridge” between the blockchain ecosystem and traditional fiat money based payment processors.

Screenshot of Ripple’s brochure listing Viamericas as xRapid adopter

Such news represents a real case of global adoption, and now acquires much more importance as Ripple perhaps in a more discreet way revealed a new company that joins this list: Viamericas.

According to its website, Viamericas is a “licensed money transmitter offering international money transfer, bill payment, check processing and top-up services at thousands of agent locations across the United States, and over 76,000 locations in 29 countries for cash payout or direct deposits to bank accounts”.

Thanks to this new business partnership, Ripple consolidates itself as a much more prestigious option than any other competitor with similar characteristics.

Viamericas had already worked with Ripple for some time. Previous press releases prove that the payment processing company was experimenting with xRapid and the use of the technologies offered by Ripple, however, there was no confirmation of its official adoption.

The “announcement” simply consisted on listing the company within a Brochure published by RIpple titled “On-Demand Liquidity: Harnessing the power of XRP on RippleNet” In it, the mention of Viamericas as a company adopting xRapid is the first one on the list:

“A Game Changer Global payment providers, such as Viamericas, Cuallix, IDT, MercuryFX and others are using xRapid to significantly lower their liquidity costs and send real-time payments – an industry first.”

Ripple has made no further comments in this regard. There are no references to the new partnership on the official Viamericas website either. However, Paul Dwyer’s – Viamericas’ CEO – enthusiasm is evident in a quote printed on the same brochure:

Right now, XRP, the token that runs on Ripple’s blockchain, has a value of $0.46. In fact, it is the crypto with the best performance in the top 10 of coinmarketcap. Its total marketcap amounts to $18.726.617.062

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