Cardano (ADA) Representatives from Emurgo and IOHK Applauded by their Supporting Community

Cardano as a project split up in three entities: IOHK responsible for developing core protocols that compos Cardano, Emurgo building partnerships with developers and instigating projects for the Cardano protocol around the world and Cardano Foundation to promote the Cardano protocol, to grow and inform our community and address the needs of the community.

These are broad aims and cross demographics and borders.

As covered more in details in our previous Cardano related piece, CEO of Emurgo and IOHK both publicly shared their standing and believe on why Cardano as a project has lacked in development in various crypto-industry spacious as they pointed their finger to the lead of Cardano Foundation for the fault.

You can read the complete letter here:

An Open Letter to the Cardano Community from IOHK and Emurgo

Following up, the community awaited the post by both leaders with positivity as first and foremost Charles Hoskinson is a well known and respected individual throughout the crypto-community and as enthusiasts added – the project is in good hands as IOHK and Emurgo are stepping in.

Post on Reddit.

The same sentiment is being showcased on both Twitter and on Youtube’s comment section.

Your supporters are not going anywhere Charles, We love you, IOHK and ADA – Nikolas X on YT

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