Mark Cuban, the entire billionaire owner of the NBA’s Dallas Mavericks and a “shark” on reality television show “Shark Tank”, recently took to WIRED’s “Tech Support” show online to field questions provided by Twitter users. Surprisingly so much, Cuban was asked an issue about his latest views on cryptocurrencies, to which definitely issued a lengthy response. A good solid scathing one, by the way.

Crypto Assets Aren’t Viable

Crypto assets have been famous as the future by many Silicon Valley technologists and investors. They believe that this new asset racing class holds the keys (pun intended) to unlocking far more round of technological innovation.

However, not everybody under the sun in the upper echelons with Corporate America has seen onto this trend.

Cuban first argued about this cryptocurrencies, “particularly Bitcoin”, are merely worth what someone else might be willing to pay for it, echoing a very line often touted manufactured by gold proponent Peter Schiff. Schiff claims that the Bitcoin market is entirely predicated a so-called greater fool accusation, which states that written by investing BTC, all everywhere are doing is waiting for a complete “greater fool” to come and buy the cryptocurrency for a good sale price.

Cuban, in particular, noted that much like a baseball card or a piece of artwork, which are nice to look at and collect, Bitcoin does not have much of an underlying purpose. He did, however, admit that it’s much of the same with gold, harkening back to the woman opinion of the fact that both the leading cryptocurrency along with precious metal are effectively projects takes on the same idea.

Cuban went on which will underline issues in the cryptocurrency space at large, touching on the manner in which for “99% of the population”, using this new asset program is too complicated. “Should My put crypto on my instrument? Should I print out the key? Do i need to let someone host ones cryptocurrency for me? ”, this individual questioned as he tried to indicate the relative difficulty of a digital asset like Bitcoin over, say, a few bucks.

Blockchain, Not Bitcoin

Even when Cuban was critical to Bitcoin in this WIRED show, he did take some time to laud blockchain, which many check the “underlying technology” connected cryptocurrency – demeaning, It seems that.

The businessperson quipped that he believes locate many use cases to that new technological class, putting in that blockchains don’t command cryptocurrency to operate.

Cuban’s opinion on blockchain in specific is rather similar to that of prominent billionaire Warren Buffett, who calls blockchain “important” but Bitcoin nothing more than a good solid “delusion” or a game in support of “charlatans”.

Even so distributed ledger technologies owning cryptocurrencies are working in new corporate phone system settings – IBM makes championed many supply band initiatives using this technology – there isn’t currently some public blockchain sans cryptocurrency that has succeeded.

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