DX.Exchange Continues, to Upgrade its Platform, a Week After Launch

Right after the highly anticipated DX.Exchange was launched on the 7th of January, its Co-Founder and CEO, Daniel Stowronski, announced via twitter that the exchange would be fully operational in about one or two weeks.

He added that the exchange would go through a ‘soft launch’ process that would ensure all trading pairs and deposits were fully functional with time. His exact words from the tweet can be found below.

Please remember we are in a “soft launch” not all pairs or deposit options are fully available. We will ramp up each day to get to 100 percent. About 1-2 weeks. Thank you to the community!

First Security Vulnerability Patched

Three days after its launch, DX.Exchange announced to the crypto and investor communities that they had successfully patched and shut down a security vulnerability that was discovered by one of its users. The online trader who requested for anonymity, explained how he had collected 100 JSON Web Tokens that would have resulted in the access of their corresponding user accounts.

Indecent of DX.Exchange Blocking a User Account

One user of the exchange reached out to Ethereum World News with a complaint that his account had been blocked after making solid gains during the first few hours of DX.Exchange going live. He was quick to point out that he managed to make 10 x profit as can be seen from the following excerpt from his communications:

I made an approx.  10 x profit during the opening hours of DX exchange.

I have been in contact with Telegram admin and their support over and over again this week. They asked additional documentation for KYC that I provided. I was told I had to wait for Ethereum Withdraw activation. I received email confirmation and confirmation from Telegram admin that a bank transfer was made that I used to withdraw some funds already. I never received anything.

They still refuse to send my coins and claim technical problems during the trades.

I made some very lucrative trades in the DX tokens during the first volatile hours.

To me it is the nature of Crypto that there are high risks and reward during this period that market sets the price based on demand and supply. Especially for a token that is used for their unique Operating Model were you can use it to pay for tokenised stocks that are tradable 24/7…

Meanwhile my account is still blocked (even after receiving mail that I could trade again) and I made a solid loss on my Ether.

I was promised an answer before Monday January 14th.

DX.Exchange Continues, to Upgrade its Platform, a Week After Launch

The user also took to twitter to voice his grievances with the exchange as can be seen in his tweet below. DX.Exchange had not responded to his tweet at the moment of writing this.

Continual Upgrades by DX.Exchange

Just yesterday, January 15th, DX.Exchange tweeted that they had completed an update to the platform. The tweet went on to thank all users for their patience.

Less than an hour ago, the exchange has also announced that they are currently undergoing another maintenance update.

IMPORTANT UPDATE: Our trading platform is currently not accessible due to a maintenance update. Thank you for your patience, we will update accordingly once the platform will be accessible again.

What are your thoughts on the status of DX.Exchange one week after launch? Please let us know in the comment section below. 

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