MADANA, the Market for Data Analysis, Already Sold 8.3 Million Lisk Based Pax Token

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MADANA, the Market for Data Analysis, Already Sold 8.3 Million Lisk Based Pax Token is the first major project using the Lisk blockchain platform. This marks a milestone in the recent token sale history. Lisk is a non-profit organization, that aims to make the blockchain more accessible to users and programmers. MADANA is the first to take advantage of this and provides additional value to the Lisk ecosystem. Therefore, every Pre-Sale contribution in LSK gets a 10% bonus in PAX. They already sold 8.3 Million of their Lisk-based PAX Token. You can still participate in their public Pre-Sale on

How can you benefit from MADANA?

You can benefit by monetizing your data in MADANAs secure network. MADANAs patent-pending ecosystem enables privacy-preserving data analysis, which is a major breakthrough in data science. By sharing only analysis results you always stay in control of your data. Moreover, you get rewarded in PAX token for every single analysis that uses your data. This is great for individuals, but also enables new services and business models in a GDPR-compliant way.

On MADANA you can also monetize your skills: Data scientists, analysis experts, and programmers can contribute analysis algorithms to the MADANA platform. Due to MADANAs openness and its fair rewarding system, best-performing algorithms will make the most money. This incentivizes experts to find new ways to analyze data and to provide most valuable insights to the data analysis buyer. This is why data analysis buyers gain insights they never had before. There is a wide range of possible use-cases of the privacy-preserving MADANA platform. Imagine optimizing user interactions, making products more sustainable, and developing new treatments based on a global decentralized pool of information.

MADANA pioneers ICOs run under German law

In the recent past, many ICOs were conducted in states with loose regulation and unsustainable tax rules. As a German Startup company, MADANA pioneers ICOs run under German law. This required legal authorities to check the project and token structure before being allowed. This takes a lot of time, effort and money, but provides additional trust to the MADANA project and shows its team dedication. MADANA has a diverse team of blockchain experts based in Berlin. They have great support from well-known partners, such as Capgemini, and influential advisors, such as Max Kordek the founder of Lisk.

For interested investors, MADANA released a detailed white paper earlier this year. It explains the technical foundation, the ecosystem structure, and future use-cases in detail. To clarify questions about the PAX token and its token economy, investors can take a look at their recently release Tokenomics paper.

MADANA started their public PAX Pre-Sale on September 1st

The PAX token will be used as the platforms fuel for executing data analysis and rewarding all participants. They are giving away 55 percent of all PAX token to investors and the MADANA community. As the first Lisk token, the MADANA team decided to give every Pre-Sale contribution in LSK a 10% bonus in PAX. This is on top of the reduced Pre-Sale price of 0,50€ per PAX token. The Main Sale will be held in 2019 for a token price of 1,00€ per PAX. To enable more people to participate in the Pre-Sale, MADANA set the minimum amount to be purchased to an equivalent of only 100 Euro. Thus, MADANA can reach a higher level of decentralization than projects that allow only bigger investors to take part in the Pre-Sale.

For more information and to participate in the Pre-Sale, visit To join the MADANA Community at Twitter, Telegram, and Reddit.

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