Is There a Place for Traditional Image Stocks in the Blockchain Economy?

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The world is changing. Almost everyone can notice that with the naked eye, even the ones who do not deepen the world’s economies, the development of the financial structures and do not follow the political and world news. New systems are emerging, new devices are being created. Technology will never be the same as before.

Modern landscape

2017 can be safely called «The year of a cryptocurrency» due it have brought more than 10 000% growth to many world’s cryptocurrencies. Losers say it’s a bubble, however, the world’s most experienced and richest investors are sure that cryptocurrencies and the blockchain itself are the future that has already come.

Blockchain is firmly and quickly implanting in our everyday life. Look around: while buying some coffee for Bitcoins, you can suddenly notice that not only the world’s largest countries decide to create their own cryptocurrency, but smaller and more narrowly specialized companies are also moving towards this direction. Industries all around the world want to use blockchain in order to develop and improve their products and user convenience.

Concerning image stocks

Millions of people every day and every second use photos for their needs, whether they are creating content for the website or designing billboards in the center of the megalopolis professionally. Image stocks have firmly entrenched in the lives of almost all society groups, because when the question “Where can I get a picture for the substrate on the site?” arises, only one solution comes to mind. Photostocks are convenient, fast, reliable, and they provide many and many designers and photographers around the world with regular passive income.

However, it can not be denied that the image stock market has many disadvantages and is extremely inconvenient to be used by both the content producer and the consumer nowadays. Nobody talks about this, because everyone has long been accustomed to the idea that there is hardly could be found anything that can change this course of events. But now the blockchain has appeared, and this really changes everything.

Let’s consider the main today problems and negative aspects of image stocks:

  1. The first and most important problem is the lack of adequate protection of copyrights for suppliers and content producers. At the moment there is no single source that can protect the copyright of users, as well as prove the authenticity of one or the other object. Today, there is no way to protect yourself 100% from filing lawsuits and you can’t see you license history in an easy way. At the moment it is possible only by contacting the copyright agency, the information in which is extremely fragmented and inaccessible for general use.
  2. The second and no less important problem is excessive spending when selling and buying content on photostocks. And there is only one reason for that: huge royalties that go to the middlemen, who have completely subordinated the image stocks market.
  3. The third problem is the lack of the unified storage opportunity and adequate content management in the network. Today the image stocks industry has several main players and content producers have to use each of them to maximize their profits and this entails such problems as the complexity in content management and the need to monitor copyright separately on each exchange. It takes not only a huge amount of time from the content producer, but it is also a source of stress for many and many designers and photographers.

So it becomes clear that the whole image stock industry have long been needed if not a complete replacement, but a serious restructuring and optimization. And nothing can deal with this task better than quick and reliable blockchain system, implemented through smart contracts and presented in the form of a convenient cloud service.

The solution

IPStock takes responsibility to change the existing procedures in the photo and video stock market. It is a Swiss company consisting of professional vector graphic designers who use photobanks every day to buy and sell content. IPStock is a company of designers who want to make the designers’ world easier, because they understand the difficulties faced by consumers and content producers in a better way.

IPStock has set itself ambitious goals and has already begun to implement them. The main objectives of the IPStock command are:

  1. Create a full-fledged registry blockchain in order to control the copyright. That will avoid problems with copyright and will allow people to manage all content from a single database.
  2. Create a cloud storage to manage and track licenses through smart contracts. This feature will allow buyers and creators of content to use resources with maximum security and reliability.
  3. Creation of a trade platform to sell or buy licenses on visual content, which will also attract users and minimize intermediary commissions.
  4. The IPStock team is going to connect existing agencies all over the world to its registry, which will allow them to exist within the blockchain system.
  5. In the process of implementation of the main idea, it will become possible to publish and purchase video and photo content of augmented and virtual reality, as well as other unique types of content that are almost not distributed in the network.

IPStock is a unique project, which has no analogues in the world. The implementation of this project will not only change the whole system of managing the visual assets fundamentally, but it will also provide a huge number of opportunities for both producers and consumers of content with the help of blockchain. This is an opportunity that will improve the protection of copyright and the sale of designers’ and photographers’ content, which everybody have been waiting for.

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