Geneviève Launches Venture Capital Funding Applications for Small Businesses! 30th November

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Geneviève are delighted to announce the launch of the venture capital investment program, by way of its token, GXVC.  The campaign aims to identify 150 small businesses seeking a capital injection to accelerate their enterprise ambitions. Moreover, the venture program will offer strategic business advice to further catalyse enterprise growth and development. The GXC valuation appear to exceed $1,133mm including a investment fund which excesses $360,000. A second round of funding is scheduled to conclude on February 15th.

GXVC creates a bridge that connects mainstream contributors with the local economy; by doing so, it offers support and stability to small businesses by way of its ventures to find positive synergies.  The digital asset is backed by underlying venture capital investments and tangible assets.  Consequently, the cryptocurrency displays more stability; its intrinsic value offers resistance against market swings and sentiment-motivated speculation. Geneviève works with its venture to create their own token, prepare a strategic business plan and realise lucrative success through a structured roadmap.   

The selection process comprises of two steps; applicants are required to submit a form of interest; shortlisted businesses will be invited to an interview to further assess investment feasibility.  Geneviève invests in businesses that meet certain criteria – those that make economic sense with long-term growth potential, those operating in booming industries, and those businesses that seek to positively impact their local communities.  

The application form can be found here.  

Token Launch

Geneviève will launch a crowdsale in January 2018, offering 62.5% of GXVC through a token sale, priced at $0.10/GXVC; 30% of GXVC will be reserved for GXC pre-sale holders until the swap portal is disabled, thereafter, any unclaimed GXVC will be burnt. Consequently, each unit of swapped GXC will offer $1.00 in valuation through GXVC.

Geneviève VC has a total supply of 160,000,000 tokens, of which, 7.5% will be retained by the team. The token sale has set a fundraising hard-cap at $10million. All GXVC attained through the token swap will remain locked until the completion of the sale. In line with the firm’s commitment to its community, they are passionate about raising the standards of excellence. In pursuant to this goal, GXVC is built using the ERC223 token standard. 

GXC is currently trading on EtherDelta. An arbitrage breakdown can be found here.

Recent Developments

Geneviève’s token swap tool is now live. By way of the Ethereum Smart Contract, GXC holders can now swap their tokens for the new and improved venture capital cryptocurrency, GXVC. Further information and instructions can be found on Geneviève’s Medium channel here.

Following a successful ICO campaign, the project has found global strength from 1746 supporters ranging across 40 countries.

By way of the successful GXC crowdsale, the ICO expedited numerous capital investments. The current venture portfolio is tabled below.

Geneviève’s Investment Portfolio
Company Sector Stage Profit
South World Wines Wine Capital Development $281,076
Carre Millesime Wine Start up
Compagnies du Monde Concierge Recovery
Vecta Software Start up
Geneviève Digital Digital Media Start up

Geneviève is actively seeking partnership to further its investment ambitions with industry leaders. A digital wallet payment processor will work cohesively with the firm to access funding through Geneviève for small business ventures, utilizing their wallet technology. Furthermore, Geneviève CEO, Fabien Dureuil, has been issued an invitation from the Ivory Coast’s government to discuss a partnership with the venture capital firm. The event will take place in Abidjan, extending December 4th-7th. Using Blockchain technology, Geneviève seeks to find positive synergies with government officials to facilitate and catalyse foreign investment; a capital injection into small businesses in such localities will further economic growth and development. The project seeks to increase local employment by creating jobs and running training programs to equip local citizens with skills and expertise to succeed. In line with Geneviève’s ethics, the venture firm will seek a discounted proportion of equity.  

Inspired through the principles of decentralised banking, future advancements and developments of the project will be democratically decided by way of a DAO platform; all token holders will be offered voting rights.  In progress of such ambitions, the development team at Geneviève have achieved the 40% milestone.

Geneviève’s growth and development team are working on building strategic partnerships with small business networks. Following the firm’s ambitions to create tokens for its ventures, the development team have confirmed initiation; construction of the exchange platform is now 30% complete.  

Upcoming Milestones

In line with Geneviève’s ambitious roadmap, the venture capital firm seeks to inject $360,000 by the turn of the year. Following a successful venture with South World Wines, which yielded a profit of $281,076, the investment firm will distribute $34,800 as dividends to all GXC token holders in January 2018, at a rate of 1.1cts per GXC through an Ether medium. Serie B, the second round of fundraising, will capacitate venture capital investments in 150 small businesses across the globe, with a primary focus on less economically developed localities, fuelling local economies in Africa, Southeast Asia and South America.

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