Blockchain Revolution in DF&TR and Airline Industry

DutyCoin is a fully premined cryptocurrency with total volume of 420.000.000 DTC available. It is also the driver different bitcoin-based solutions facilitated under the so-called DutyEcosystem.

The DutyCoin-driven solutions aim to make the best of the approaching digital revolution in the DF&TR and airline industry and to amplify the expected growth linked to this revolution. Such momentum of technological development creates optimal environment for blockchain technology implementation that has been foreseen by many experts.

Accenture 2017 report: The Potential of Blockchain Technology for Airlines

The DutyEcosystem is a complex system of blockchain-based solutions designed to facilitate both B2C and B2B value exchange. The main added value of the DutyEcosystem is its flexibility. Each ecosystem branch can be incorporated individually into already existent systems on the ground that may benefit from the DutyCoin-driven of blockchain utilities.

The proposed direct or mediated applications of DutyCoin include enhancement of travellers‘ experience, both on the ground and on-board (tailored data use, bonus programmes rewards, prior/in-flight orders, zero-fee purchases etc.), airlines’ maintenance and subcontracting processes, security management of dispatch, loggings, identity and other forms of information, peer-to-peer direct exchange. The list is far from being exhaustive and new possibilities of the technology are being explored.

Key features of the DutyCoin are following:

  • Real-time settlement between 2 and 5 seconds
  • No foreign exchange fees
  • Cryptographically coded transactions
  • No surveillance over payments
  • Privacy with almost no chance of data breach
  • Swift payment times thanks to elimination of intermediaries
  • International reach with a single integration
  • Great micropayments application

DutyCoin users’ accounts are available through the online DutyWallet (https://www.dutywallet.com) that is mirrored into the supplementary online wallet at the DutyExchange (https://www.dutyex.com). DutyExchange is an in-house exchange that will facilitate the first round of coin offering – the exclusive pre-sale starting on 28 November. The next-year official ICO will be shared with another major exchange (negotiations results are yet to be announced).

Apart from the online wallet, a mobile DutyWallet app will be launched allowing for NFC payments (the app is still under development to ensure maximum security of the users’ accounts). Furthermore, the users will have the option to obtain a luxurious payment card that will allow them to pay by DutyCoin even at the point of sale terminals.


Total volume of DTC to be issued: 420.000.000 DTC (100%)

Coin name: DTC

Accepted currencies: BTC, ETH

Fixed ICO exchange rates:

3.000 DTC = 0,01 BTC

3.000 DTC = 0,18 ETH

DTC distribution:

63.000.000 (15%) in the exclusive pre-sale

273.000.000 (65%) in the official ICO

63.000.000 (15%) will be held for escrow service

21.000.000 (5%) will be used for scaling up of the project


Date: 28 November – 12 December 2017

Volume issued: 63.000.000 (15%)

Token Bonus Program

DISCOUNT RATE: 35% off (3000 DTC = 0,0065 BTC)

Register now and for the EXCLUSIVE PRE-SALE here!


14 days only – until the December 12th, 2017

The goal of the exclusive PRE-SALE is 1.000.000 U.S. dollars. The proceeds will be used as follows:

  • 5% will be be used to compensate the team of developers
  • 15% will be used to expand marketing prior to the official ICO launch
  • 20% will be kept as a reserve
  • 60% will be used to for the purposes of business expansion, scaling up of the project, compliance with regulatory requirements, further research


Date: January 2018

Volume issued: 273.000.000 (65%)

Token Bonus Program

DISCOUNT RATE: 20-0% off (3000 DTC = 0,008 / 0,009 / 0,01 BTC)

With the approaching ICOs, company is looking to complete the proof-of-concept phase the project’s development and turn into a successful spin-off firm. Close cooperation with major stakeholders is already being developed, both on the grounds of DF&TR and airline industry and online. The company is in contact with one airline provider (details to be disclosed in the future) and is also working together with TFWA (Tax Free World Association) to join the TFWA’s World Exhibition & Conference in Cannes next year to explore further opportunities of company’s solutions’ implementation.

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