In his testimony before the House of Specialists Financial Services Committee,   Zuckerberg has before hand revealed he’ll almost certainly addressing the Libra cryptocurrency project and other issues front side the social media giant more widely.

Facebook CEO yet founder Mark Zuckerberg will undoubtedly be facing a grilling from congress in Congress at fifteen: 00 UTC (10 a fabulous. m. local time) today.

However, there exists much that is unknown, on the grounds that Zuckerberg will also be facing questions from the committee’s 60 sportsmen for the hearing, titled: “An Examination of Facebook and Its Cause problems for the Financial Services and Rent Sectors. ”

Committee chair Rep. Maxine Waters has previously said the Libra project normally halted so regulatory setbacks can be addressed.

You can watch live video by means of hearing below or right click this internet connection to view it then on YouTube.

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