Deutsche Börse’s Xetra Exchange Lists First Blockchain Firm

As reported by on Monday, shares in the firm, Advanced Blockchain AG, will be tradeable on Xetra from today. The news comes after the same company launched on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange in January.

Xetra, a Deutsche Börse-operated trading venue for financial assets such as stocks, bonds and funds, has just listed its first blockchain company.

Berlin-based Advanced Blockchain AG develops distributed ledger technology (DLT) software for businesses, according to DGAP. Along with its subsidiary GmbH, the firm has built a project called peaq, which sets out to provide a blockchain base layer for enterprises.

It’s also developing a directed acyclic graph (DAG)-based blockchain called “DAGchain”. When completed, the DAGchain protocol is slated for use in a number of projects in industries such as IoT, automotive, financial and engineering.

In May, Advanced Blockchain made Forbes’ list of “10 Blockchain Companies to Watch in 2019”, ranking at number 2.

According to Deutsche Börse, over 90 percent of share trading across German exchanges, and around 30 percent of trading in ETFs in Europe, is transacted through Xetra.

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