Square Crypto Completes Inaugural Developer Team With Three New Hires

Square Crypto announced the appointment in a series of tweets on Sept. 19, revealing that Wallace joined the company from Lightning Labs, Czyz came from Google and Sosman from Facebook’s Libra stablecoin project. With the latest hires, Square Crypto said it has completed its inaugural developer team.

Square Crypto, the crypto-focused branch of payment company Square, has hired Valentine Wallace, Jeffrey Czyz and Arik Sosman to its inaugural developer team.

The next step requiring the public opinion

The next step the company is planning to take is determining their first project, and thus urges the public to participate in the decision-making process. “There’s no project we won’t consider, as long as it improves or proliferates bitcoin,” Square Crypto wrote.

Square Crypto recently made an array of new appointments, with Blockstream co-founder and Bitcoin (BTC) developer Matt Corallo and former Google product director Steve Lee as a project manager. Lee subsequently made a number of remarks that solidify the company’s emphasis on Bitcoin.

Making Bitcoin stronger

Lee described Square Crypto as “an open-source initiative designed to strengthen the bitcoin ecosystem,” further adding:

“Our goal is Bitcoin for all. We are focusing on improving the Bitcoin experience for mainstream users. The user journey will always be central to our thinking.”

Earlier in September, Square Crypto announced a grant to BTCPay Foundation, which the company named the first of what will be many to support open-source Bitcoin projects. The startup provided BTCPay Foundation with $100,000 to support BTCPay Server, an open-source cryptocurrency payment processor.

Square Crypto went on to explain why they are giving a “bunch of money” to BTCPay Server, saying: “This isn’t an investment in a competitor, it’s an investment in the future of money – something that Square obviously has a stake in.”

Square Crypto Hires Blockstream Co-Founder, Open Source Bitcoin Dev

Square Crypto, the cryptocurrency-focused branch of mobile payment company Square, has hired Blockstream co-founder and Bitcoin (BTC) developer Matt Corallo. Square Crypto announced the news in an official Twitter post on Aug. 20.

Matt Corallo also commented on the announcement, saying:

“So excited to be joining the @sqcrypto team over the coming weeks. Experimenting with different models to accelerate Bitcoin OSS is awesome!”

As indicated in his Twitter post, Corallo is a Bitcoin Open Source Developer who previously worked at Bitcoin development company Chaincode Labs. Per his LinkedIn profile, Corallo has worked there for the past two years and 8 months. Additionally, Corallo is listed as the co-founder of Blockstream, a blockchain and Bitcoin development company where he worked for just under two and a half years.

Square Crypto’s teambuilding

As previously reported by Cointelegraph, Twitter founder Jack Dorsey, who also founded Square, is looking to build a small team dedicated to improving crypto infrastructure. The team will reportedly include one designer and a handful of software engineers, and all of their projects will be open source. Square Crypto’s first hire was Steve Lee, who previously served as a director at Google.

Square aims to develop Bitcoin infrastructure

In a recent Twitter “ask me anything,” project manager at Square Crypto Steve Lee emphasized that his team is particularly keen on developing support for the Bitcoin ecosystem. Lee wrote:

“We are very, very pro-Bitcoin. There is more than enough work for us to do there. That said, we are open to emerging use cases and technologies that complement Bitcoin.”


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