Recognizing identity is vital to trust on the blockchain- Interview with Condordium CEO

The idea of identification is quite a polarising one in cryptocurrency. Individuals neglect occasionally that Bitcoin outgrew a particular niche edge of the Internet, birthed from ultra-liberertarian ideals with self-reliance, anonymity and also self-soverignety central to the thesis.

Of course, cryptocurrency has actually entailed beyond Bitcoin, and also today we have numerous various sights as well as countless jobs, some with comparable objectives, some with varying ones.

Concordium is a layer-1 blockchain project which embeds encrypted ID right into every purchase that takes place on the network. This is appealing because it goes against what some pursits would describe as the original Bitcoin vision.

We sat down for a quick mini-podcast with Concordium CEO Lone Fonss Schroder to obtain more of an insight right into this, that states that “a great deal of organization does materialise since you do not know who you are negotiating with”, as well as asserts that this identity is vital to gain trust in the area.

Other subjects such as whether guideline is a positive point (one more point that may send maxis right into a fit), the toughness of decentralisation and the present market atmosphere were reviewed, and also while time restraints avoided Dan as well as Joe excavating right into Schroder’responses too deeply, theyll be placed on the agenda for following time.

Podcast can be paid attention to on Spotify below

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