Industry announcements outlet CryptoNews reported typically change in Ripple’s product serving on Oct. 9.

Ripple, the blockchain firm on the rear of crypto asset XRP, joined three of its services to make features of its RippleNet which promise.

Little more than the suppliers changed

For every the report, a company’s spokesperson explained that now, “instead of buying xCurrent or xVia, customers will connect to RippleNet – on-premises or through the cloud – and instead of buying xRapid, clients will use On-Demand Liquidity. ” The Ripple representative also said:

“Other than the names of the product, very few things have changed and will not affect our customers. ”

More than a pc software suite

The manufacturer reportedly believes that started from a suite of services to offer a network to his or her customers is a natural development of its strategy due to the regarding its user base and advancement its standard. He deduced:

“RippleNet is more than just a suite community. ”

As Cointelegraph reported yesterday, alluding to the spate of controversies that have beset the project, Ripple CEO, Brad Garlinghouse, argued that Ripple’s “transparency has opened us up to attack.” He said that there is a “bunch of misinformation” out there, but claimed that this is in part because Ripple is “ten or a hundred times more transparent than anyone in the crypto community.”

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