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Recognizing identity is vital to trust on the blockchain– Interview with Condordium CEO

The idea of identification is quite a polarising one in cryptocurrency. Individuals neglect occasionally that Bitcoin outgrew…

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Former Nintendo President Believes Gaming Experiences Could Benefit From Blockchain And ‘Play to Earn’ Models

Reggie Fils-Aim E 9;, the previous president of Nintendo of America, has used his take on blockchain…

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Visa Patent Filing Would Allow Central Banks to Mint Digital Fiat Currencies Using Blockchain

The California-based payments giant, which processes upwards of 100 million transactions every day on average, has filed…

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The Fed Is Lawless Economic Government Unto Itself

Now the Mises Institute ( has published a report filled with a collection of enlightening editorials that…

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Nadia Hewitt Talks Supply Chains, COVID-19 and Blockchain

Recognizing that “a fair share of puzzlement and anxiety” persists among supply chain actors when it comes…

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Experts Predict 40% Lower Sales, March Contracts Dip by 21%

Five weeks ago, a decent number of market strategists and economists predicted that U.S. property and real…

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Building Resilience Into the Crypto Markets

During the commotion, leading derivatives exchange BitMEX broke records in liquidations, with some users reporting that they…

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Chainalysis Criticized, Crypto Fears Kim Jong Un’s Death: Hodler’s Digest, April 27–May 3

What a week it’s been. After starting Monday at $7,650, Bitcoin surged through previously stubborn resistance levels…

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US Congress Considers Blockchain-Based Voting Amid COVID-19

The report states that blockchain may be deployed alongside end-to-end encrypted, or E2EE, applications to facilitate voting….

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Social Media Platforms for Crypto Enthusiasts

Furthermore, the emergence of the very idea of cryptocurrencies and the blockchain can be largely attributed to…

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Tracing Global Meat Related Risks With Blockchain Amid COVID-19

The outbreak has interrupted work at meat processing plants, with workers, truckers and meat inspectors expressing fears…

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The Number of Women in Crypto Has Exploded In Q1 2020

18-24 year old rose 65%, with the continents of the Americas and Europe experiencing more than 50%…