Roger Ver Joins OmniSparx as Investor and Advisor With Goal to Boost BCH Community

Roger Ver, Executive Chairman of Bitcoin.com said, “We are excited with the opportunity to work with OmniSparx. Our work is guided by a belief in Bitcoin Cash as a model of economic freedom and this includes continuing to build a strong and vibrant Bitcoin.com community.”

By leveraging the OmniSparx community platform, we are leveraging the thought leaders in community engagement to help continue to grow our community.”

Chicago, Illinois–– August 7, 2019 – OmniSparx.io, – an innovative blockchain community engagement platform, has announced an investment from Roger Ver. As part of the investment, Ver will become an advisor to OmniSparx, and Bitcoin.com will use the OmniSparx platform to grow its community and deepen community collaboration.

Bitcoin.com joins OmniSparx’s growing list of brands and organizations adopting the platform to transform communities into a driving force of growth and revenue. The OmniSparx platform focuses on increasing community member engagement with authenticated collaboration, and an integrated system for reward.

Charles Kwon, CEO, and Founder of OmniSparx.io said, “We are excited to have Roger as an advisor and investor. His expertise in cryptocurrency and mobilizing communities will assist OmniSparx by innovating and expanding its early leadership position in the market. We are also excited to join forces with Bitcoin.com to help drive collaboration with their community of developers and the ecosystem of supporting projects.”

Bitcoin.com to use OmniSparx’s Community Engagement platform

Launched in 2015, Bitcoin.com is an industry pioneer with an established suite of Bitcoin-related products, tools, and services. Empowering users to be part of the digital economy, the Bitcoin.com wallet enables the sending of Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash between users in a direct, secure, and non-intrusive manner, with a global reach of over 4.5 million users.

About OmniSparx:

OmniSparx’s community engagement platform is designed expressly for organizations seeking to leverage community as a driver of growth, we are driven by a desire to help brands and organizations mobilize community with one to one engagement powered by rewards.

For more information: visit omnisparx.io or follow @Omnisparx on Twitter or Telegram.

About Bitcoin.com:

Bitcoin.com is supercharged to change the world with Bitcoin Cash (BCH). Our suite of developer tools has been downloaded 36,000+ times from over 100 countries. Our team is the heart and soul of the Bitcoin Cash industry. We’re committed to making BCH available to all people, whatever their age, gender, nationality or financial status.

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