Blockchain Dev’s Platform Now Available on Oracle Cloud Marketplace

On Sept. 4, the startup announced that the listing on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure will make its application programming interface available to millions of Oracle customers.

Fintech blockchain developer Hydrogen has announced that its platform is now available on software giant Oracle’s Cloud Marketplace.

Hydrogen now available to millions

Hydrogen offers tools to build applications for banking, savings and insurance, among other aspects of digital finance. Mike Kane, co-founder and CEO of Hydrogen, said:

“Hydrogen is being used by financial institutions big and small to quickly build consumer facing fintech applications.”

David Hicks, a vice president at Oracle, said:

“Hydrogen’s commitment to innovation with the Oracle Cloud and quality execution helps our mutual customers receive cloud-enabled fintech solutions ready to meet critical business needs.”

Earlier this year, Oracle expanded its features on its enterprise-grade Oracle Blockchain Platform that simplify the process of integrating existing business and IT systems, and speed up development and deployment of new blockchain applications.

Oracle versus startup CryptoOracle

Cointelegraph previously reported that Oracle had filed a lawsuit against blockchain startup CryptoOracle. The complaint claimed that the startup selected its name in order to trade on Oracle’s reputation.

Blockchain Firm TZero Adds Ravencoin to Supported Cryptocurrencies

Blockchain company tZero added Ravencoin (RVN) to the list of cryptocurrencies supported by its tZero Crypto cryptocurrency wallet and trading app.

Ravencoin now supported on the tZero app

TZero announced in a press release published on Aug. 20 that Ravencoin will be joining Bitcoin (BTC) and Ether (ETH) among the cryptocurrencies supported by its trading and wallet tZero Crypto app, available for iOS and Android devices. Per the release, the company submitted the updated iOS app supporting the crypto asset to the store yesterday, while the update for the Android app will be published today.

The app in question – launched in June – allows users to buy, sell and hold crypto assets. TZero CEO Saum Noursalehi commented on the development by explaining the reasoning behind choosing to add Ravencoin support:

“In addition to being one of the fastest growing cryptocurrencies, Ravencoin is philosophically aligned with tZERO in making it easy to digitize assets and make them freely tradable. […] Ravencoin allows for straightforward issuance and on-chain transfer of any digital asset, including security tokens, making support for RVN a natural fit for tZERO Crypto.”

The players

According to the release, Ravencoin is an open source cryptocurrency aiming to enable instant payments, build and support security tokens, digital collectibles, utility tokens, gift cards, fiat currency or other user-defined assets. TZero is a majority-owned subsidiary of retail giant Overstock focused on the development of blockchain applications.

As Cointelegraph reported in March, Ravencoin has been thrust into the limelight with Overstock.com CEO Patrick Byrne mentioning that his company had invested millions of dollars into the “use case specific Blockchain focusing on the transfer of assets.”

Blockchain Bills Are Advancing in the New York State Senate – Here’s Why

ALBANY, N.Y. – The New York State Senate will be considering two bills that would bolster the use and development of blockchain tech in the Empire State.

The first bill, S4142, would recognize blockchain-based records and contracts as electronic signatures under state law, giving them legal clout. The second, S6037A, would add “distributed ledger technology” developers to the Excelsior Jobs Program, which comes with tax credits.

Introduced by Senator Diane Savino (D-23) and approved by the Internet and Technology Committee, which she chairs, after a hearing Tuesday, the bills next go to the full Senate for a vote. If passed, the measures will move to the New York State Assembly for consideration.

“The use cases are tremendous,” said Adriana Babino, a cybersecurity expert and resident technical adviser on Savino’s Internet and Technology committee. “By embracing the blockchain tech and the digitized ledger, you’re opening up the state to many possibilities.”

She said these bills specifically will add secure protections to residents’ use of digital transactions and create employment opportunities.

The bills have been tried in the state legislature before, according to Barbara O’Neill, senior adviser to Savino.

Both bills were introduced, in various iterations, during the 2017-2018 legislative session, part of the early efforts by Savino’s committee to bring more high-tech legislative initiatives to the state government.

That committee is now entering its second year, having formed shortly after Democrats took control of the state Senate for the first time in half a century. The 2019 committee launch helped the Senate streamline all forms of internet-related legislative actions, including those related to blockchain.

The New York State Assembly has no full committee for internet and technology although it does have a subcommittee, chaired by blockchain proponent Assemblyman Clyde Vanel (D-33), which must refer all approved legislation to another committee. Small bureaucratic distinctions add hurdles to any legislative action, slowing down or even stifling the passage of lower-priority bills, according to O’Neill.

“Coming from a subcommittee process it’s a little bit more awkward. Their stuff kind of ends up all over the place,” O’Neill said. She said the Senate committee is hopeful that at some point soon the Assembly will elevate Vanel’s committee to full status.

Even so, Babino, the technical adviser, said Albany is coming around to the concept of blockchain. Last year, staffers and senators asked basic questions about blockchain and distributed ledger technology, prompting Babino to develop an explainer presentation. But this year many appear more comfortable with the technology, which helps them see the value of the legislation, she said.

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