Tron will be integrated into the software development kit (SDK) of the Samsung Blockchain Keystore, which helps users manage private keys. The SDK allows coders build with the Tron network by giving them direct access to the blockchain via Samsung devices.

Tron founder Justin Sun will appear on stage at the Samsung Developer Conference on Wednesday to announce a new partnership between his crypto company and the telecom giant.

It’s still unclear how this partnership changes anything for TRX token users, beyond wallet support. In the days leading up to the announcement, Sun tweeted about a partnership with a “megacorporation” that would “broadly distribute $Tron Dapps decentralized applications and tokens to billions of customers.”

The Pew Research Center estimated that 5 billion people currently have access to mobile devices, only half of which are smartphones. Considering Samsung is among the top hardware sellers alongside Apple and Huawei, which have both captured significant market share, it would be a stretch to imagine even 1 billion users gaining access to the Samsung Blockchain Keystore. (CoinDesk was unable to reach Samsung for comment. We will update the article if we hear back.)

Beyond mobile wallets, Samsung devices should have the same direct access to Tron blockchain data. This could, in theory, make it easier for dapp developers to make products for Samsung users that don’t rely on third-party wallets.

As such, Sun heralded this new conduit as a “milestone” for Tron. According to Tron’s latest report, there are roughly 3.9 million Tron wallet accounts and 611 dapps.

In a WhatsApp message, Sun told CoinDesk the partnership would make it easier for “millions of users of Samsung devices” because developers can build applications using Samsung devices.

“One of the biggest frictions in the dapp user experience is the wallet”, Sun told CoinDesk, adding:

“With the Tron/Samsung integration, users won’t need any third party wallet anymore. And develops can just focus on the content they are building and provide a seamless experience to end users.”

Salesforce Blockchain Certifies First Ever Artwork-Painted Lamborghini

A one-of-a-kind Lamborghini Aventador S with a custom street-art paint job is on show at the 2019 Monterey Car Week in California, Aug. 15-18. The vehicle will be the first Lamborghini to be certified through a pilot project using Salesforce Blockchain to protect the car as a work of art.

Automotive art meets street art

The Aventador S represents a fusion of the automotive art of Lamborghini, coupled with the distinctive street art of rising star, Skyler Grey. Nineteen year-old Grey is one of the youngest street artists to be represented in museums and international art fairs. He also made the Forbes “30 under 30” list of most influential artists worldwide in 2017.

Head of Marketing and Communications at Lamborghini, Katia Bassi, commented:

“Because of the affinity we feel with the world of art, we wanted to experiment with a new creative approach, entrusting Skyler Grey with the interpretation of a car that is already itself a work of art.”

Blockchain and Lambo make things official

Lamborghini has long been associated with Bitcoin. It is one of the favorite purchases of those who have already made a Bitcoin fortune, and features in the cry, “When Lambo?” from those impatiently waiting for it to moon.

The car is part of a pilot project called “Lamborghini Sicura” (or “Safe”). It has undergone a process of authenticity certification, making use of Salesforce Blockchain to guarantee data security and integrity.

The system aims to protect against counterfeiting, along with certifying all information related to the vehicle. It should also ensure an increase in value for all the stakeholders.

Since launching in May, Salesforce Blockchain has seen a variety of use-cases, including the recording of academic records by Arizona State University.

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