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Peter Ojo, Chief Executive Officer of, VTNGLOBAL.COM, said, “As I consider the potential impact from this group of innovators, I’m filled with a sense of encouragement for how this event will shape the future of blockchain on the continent and promote rapid adoption.”

Laurel, Maryland– Aug 12th, 2019 –, – the World’s First Powerful Distributed Token-Generating Platform for Money Transfer currently trading on Digifinex has announced it’s sponsoring blockchain Finance Lagos conference event in Africa’s largest market, Nigeria. Offering free flight ticket and accommodation to the qualified speakers.

In less than 90 days (Nov 16th, ) BFLagos (sponsored by RemittanceToken and VTNGLOBAL USA ) will host over 500 people from around the world at the Lagos Continental Hotel, the most prominent Blockchain Finance event.


The majority of the world biggest corporations have embraced blockchain and cryptocurrency. IBM and Bank of America each have about 50 active crypto-related patents. J.P. Morgan launched its JPM coin in early 2019. The Reserve Bank of South Africa launched Project Khokha, and The Monetary Authority of Singapore launched Project Ubin, both pilots focused on the intra-bank settlement on a blockchain. The Kiva Protocol (a credit rating for the unbanked) has a DLT element, Senegal has a digital currency, and all eyes are on a Facebook newly formed subsidiary, Calibra, and its plans for the cryptocurrency, Libra.

Just like it was during the Internet era, Nigerians are embracing cryptocurrency. However, there is room for educating the decision-makers and the government agencies.

Nigeria, with a population of over 180m, has one of the world most sophisticated payment system due to its instant payment confirmation. There are over 3000 registered microfinance banks and Bureau de change (combined), 23 commercial banks, over 15 active mobile payment operators, and five major telecom operators all with a reach of over 100 million customers. The country has the highest penetration of mobile phones and the Internet on the continent, yet with a great need for direct investment, social security, and process automation at all level. We believe that this event will allow blockchain solutions to find a home.

We will explore the following at the event:

How Distributed Ledger Technology Can help bank the Unbanked
Blockchain Tokenization for Money Transfer
The central bank-issued digital currencies
Investing, Crypto Funds, and Startup Capital Formation
Blockchain for good /Regulation and Legislation
Blockchain Innovations Real Estate
Blockchain Innovations Government/Social Payment
-Panel Discussions and more.

Are you interested in speaking? You may qualify for a free return ticket, food, and accommodation. Qualified speakers will be selected based on their topic/papers submitted to

If you have not registered yet, I would love to invite you to join me at BFLagos conference 2019. Together we will transform our businesses and lead the forefront of communications.

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