PayKassa.pro Launches Multifunctional Payment Aggregator

While cryptocurrency was in demand, it was necessary to give customers the opportunity to use it. Despite the fall in cryptocurrency price, many companies and private traders have started to accept payments in the crypt in their projects and stores.

Today we see the result of this strategy. By the end of August 2019, bitcoin and the entire crypto market grew by more than 100% compared with January of the same year.

We can state boldly today that cryptocurrencies will be in great demand in the future, as the cryptocurrency market surprised skeptics once again. As soon as Bitcoin began its bullish trend, hundreds of other crypto coins followed the example.

The authorities of large countries are starting to think about regulation, and companies like Facebook and Telegram are launching their own coins. Against the background of all this hype, only entrepreneurs and owners of companies that accepted cryptocurrency keep composure. The reason for this composure is simple.

This allowed companies to get up to 100% of net profit without any cost. And this profit continues to increase. So how to keep up with these companies and also start accepting cryptocurrencies on your websites or services? There are two ways: first, to raise nodes with blockchains of all necessary currencies manually or second, to use cryptocurrency processing services. Now we will consider one of such services.

PayKassa.pro cryptocurrency processing

PayKassa is primarily a 2 in 1 service: a multifunctional payment aggregator + cryptocurrency wallet. The service has been on the market for 3 years and during this time it has established payments in 14 types of basic crypto coins (BTC, ETH, XRP, TRX, WAVES, XMR, ETC, BCH, LTC, DOGE, DASH, BSV, ZEC, XLM). Moreover the number of directions in the listing of the service is constantly growing. PayKassa regularly integrates all new and popular coins.

PayKassa offers discounts on commissions for large projects that are planning to work with a large volume of transactions. Such projects include exchangers, Pre-ICO and ICO for the primary placement of tokens, crypto exchanges, etc. The amount of commissions is negotiated individually.

PR: PayKassa.pro Launches Multifunctional Payment Aggregator

PayKassa adheres to principles based on democracy and freedom. The main mission is to break down barriers between people and countries and make transactions as anonymous and simple as possible.

The main advantages of PayKassa.pro

One big advantage of the service is that it doesn’t matter where our client is from, they can manage their business from anywhere in the world. This allows our clients to optimize tax payments, and receive money in the currency that suits them best.

More than 2,350 sites are already connected to the PayKassa service, and the number of users that tried the service and are satisfied with it is growing every day.

The main advantages of processing:

Connection and setup will take no more than 10 minutes;
There are payment acceptance plugins for popular CMS (Opencart, Shop-Script, HostCMS, DIAFAN.CMS, cs.cart, UMI.CMS, AmiroCMS, MODX, PrestaShop, oscommerce, Simpla, PHPshop, WordPress, bitrix, H-Script, GoldCoders );
Choosing the party to pay commission costs (you yourself choose who will pay the commission – you or your clients);
No mandatory documentary verification of the account;
Suitable for both legal entities and individuals;
Transaction Security via SSL cryptographic protocol.
What is more, PayKassa offers a 1-level affiliate program, which is perfect for financial web-resources. The resource connection is fast enough and contains no hidden nuances.

Attracting customers is possible only in the ways that are legal – social networks, popular forums and blogs, contextual advertising, landing pages, etc.

Special features of the affiliate program:

Partner payments – up to 25% of the commission amount;
Available payments in all directions;
For a quick start, there are ready-made promotional materials (on request);

How can one start working with PayKassa.pro service?

Registration of personal account is quite fast. If you follow a few simple steps, you can start connecting to the payment aggregator in 10 minutes.


1. Click the or “Free registration” link on the main page;
2. Specify your e-mail, agree to the terms and put a tick in the checkbox;
3. Done! Now you need check your email inbox and save the password from the PayKassa email;
4. If there is no email, check the spam folder.
The personal account interface is intuitive and easy to use. You will always be able to have a look at detailed statistics on payments and payouts, as well as created merchants and API.
How does one add “Merchant” ?
To add your merchant to PayKassa, you need to fill in the following fields on the tab of the same name:
1. Specify the merchant’s name
2. Write the merchant’s domain
3. Register the secret key in a PHP file on the server;
4. And register the URLs of the pages: payment processor, successful and non-successful payment;
5. Give a small description of the merchant;
6. Click the button “Add merchant”.

Then, you need to configure PHP scripts or module for CMS. Usually, the webmaster does the setup. However, the installation of the module for the engine can be carried out independently; the main thing is to follow the instructions that are attached to each CMS.

If necessary, the merchant’s settings can always be changed: add conditions, set up payment, withdrawal, etc. If you have any difficulties or questions during the connection, you can contact out technical support – they reply very quickly.


Undoubtedly, PayKassa is not the only cryptocurrency processing that offers its services in the network. However, during the three years of its existence, the service has not received a single negative review.

Today, PayKassa’s aggregator is used by more than 7,500 customers, and every year there are more and more of them. The reasons for the growing popularity are as follows – adherence to the principles of openness and freedom, and a reverent approach to its customers.

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