Some researchers believe marketing operations may see a “shakeout” in 2020 as trends like the ICO market have regressed. Still, there are more than 50 crypto marketing firms today that offer promotion of cryptocurrency companies, new blockchain products, and initial coin offerings as well. Some of these firms have a large number of clientele and portfolios, and clients have raised millions of dollars since they started advertising. was given a comprehensive research study of the top 50 marketing agencies in 2020 from a researcher named Artem Artemovich.

The cryptocurrency industry has grown exponentially and there are many facets to the blockchain industry. One specific area of expertise that’s grown significantly in the last few years is the expansion of marketing agencies within the blockchain and cryptocurrency space. In 2020 there are more than 50 marketing companies that help crypto firms and projects get noticed but the process can be costly.

Researcher Rates Over 50 Crypto and Blockchain Marketing Agencies

Since the inception of Bitcoin, the last 11 years have seen the industry grow and there’s a variety of different employment opportunities for individuals looking to work in the blockchain space. Just recently, reported on the 8,000 blockchain and crypto jobs available today. Another sector of the industry that thrived during the crypto winter, despite fallen crypto prices and lack of interest, is the crypto conference scene. In addition to conferences and events, crypto and blockchain-related marketing agencies have also flourished since 2017.

More Than 50 Crypto Marketing Agencies Survived the Crypto Winter

More than 50 crypto marketing agencies survived the crypto winter and the analyst Artem Artemovich has rated them all.

For instance, there’s the firm DAO Maker which offers marketing consultancy and a proprietary product called “Social Mining technology.” According to Artemovich, DAO Maker clients raised $23 million (clients’ money raised) and 2019 clients include the LTO Network, Elrond Network, and Ecomi. Artemovich notes that the software product starts at $1,500 and marketing and consulting services start at $5,000.

More Than 50 Crypto Marketing Agencies Survived the Crypto Winter

Agencies offer different products, and Dao Maker specializes in software called “social mining.”

A marketing consulting firm dubbed Block72’s clientele has raised $14.6 million and has clients such as Elynet, Apm Coin, Ultra, and Bitmovio. Artemovich’s data shows that Block72 specializes in token sales and marketing packages start at $35,000. There’s which saw clients raise $8 million and the company sells packages for $15,000. is a PR company that saw its customers raise $5 million in 2019 and it’s PR packages start at $12,000. The media agency Coincurb sells media packages for $1,000 and its clientele allegedly raised $131 million last year.

There’s also which offers individual price quotes, charges $8,000 for media services, and offers online quote requests for marketing services. Artemovich also mentions firms like Icobulls, Tokeny solutions, Ethereumlab Tech, Ibcgroup, Ninjapromo, Blocketo, Chaineum, Amazix, and Bounty Bull.

Many of these marketing agencies seemingly have millions of dollars in contracts and packages can be anywhere from $1,000 to $30,000. Ninjapromo has a straight charge of 1 BTC for its packages and other marketing agencies offer individual quotes for pricing. All of the aforementioned marketing firms are considered “Tier 1-3” agencies as far as Artemovich’s review is concerned. For example, there are three tier 1 firms, six tier 2 companies, and 41 of the marketing agencies listed are tier 3.

“2019 has led to the demolition of many blockchain operations”, Artemovich’s report underlined. “Hundreds of exchanges have shuttered, established crypto companies have laid off entire departments, and token sales have dwindled to a tiny fraction of the scale they achieved in 2018.” As far as marketing agencies go, the crypto winter was hard but it has also provided some companies with new possibilities. Artemovich added:

This year has been a transparent ground for operators in the crypto space to demonstrate their genuine capability, and not merely rely on a rising tide. Blockchain, crypto, or ICO marketing agencies have had a challenging year, but it has given them the opportunity to show what they are really capable of.

A Possible 2020 Marketing Agency Shakeout and Blockchain Startups That Want to Eat the Incumbents’ Lunch

Other PR, marketing and consulting firms mentioned within Artemovich’s list include Cryptoken media, Icograph, Markchain, Flexe, MLG Blockchain, Forklog Consulting, Chainplus, Principal Strategic, and Coinpoint. Artemovich emphasized that his list doesn’t just look at company names but also assesses performance. The research details a clients’ post-listing performance return-on-investment (ROI), key exchange presence, and how much money their clients raised last year. Additionally, research data from shows that there’s a large group of blockchain startups aiming to take the slew of centralized marketing agencies’ revenue.

More Than 50 Crypto Marketing Agencies Survived the Crypto Winter

Despite the fact that there are 50 marketing firms that specialize in blockchain and cryptocurrency promotion, there’s a significant amount of blockchain startups that want to decentralize the current marketing and advertising landscape.

Artemovich’s report notes that in 2017 and 2018, marketing agencies saw a lot of action as the ICO market made it so “almost no effort needing to be exerted.” “However, times have changed and ICO funding has dropped steeply, mandating the need for legitimate solutions”, Artemovich insisted. The researcher concluded by adding:

Thus, most market players failed in 2019 due to as their offerings were not able to satisfy the needs of the relatively higher quality projects that surfaced in 2019. The most successful agencies in 2019 had their own unique approach and products, often guaranteeing certain results. Moving into 2020, it is easy to see that the shakeout in the agency market is going to intensify.

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