Sequoia Capital Partner Believes Lots of VCs Will Pull Back From Crypto

Shaun Maguire, a crypto companion of Sequoia Capital, among the equity capital firms most energetic when it concerns investments in the cryptocurrency area, issued its point of view on the future of many VCs investing in crypto.

To him, many of the firms that are currently try out crypto financial investments will pull back because of market conditions and a misunderstanding of crypto as an investment. . Sequoia Partner Not Optimistic About VCs Entering Crypto .

Shaun Maguire, a cryptocurrency partner in Sequoia Capital, one of the most active VC companies in the crypto market, is not very confident concerning the future of various other venture capital business in the area. Maguire, who specializes in firms in the technology and also crypto markets that are either in seed or very early investing phases, specified in a current podcast that other companies that are now entering the crypto area are going to draw back on these investments when the marketplaces obtain much less foamy.

Nevertheless, he mentioned that Sequoia will certainly not fall in this group due to the method which these financial investments are made in the firm.

According to Maguire, the company has irreversible intents when it pertains to its financial investments in the market. Maguire discussed: . . Sequoia is really calculated with every little thing we do as well as we invest substantial quantities of time disputing every technique adjustment, everything, we debate every seed financial investment to occasionally excruciating detail, however it helps us make truly excellent choices and also make decisions as a group instead of as individuals. . . The firm, which has already spent in a number of firms in the sector like Polygon, introduced a$ 500-$ 600 million fund in February to invest in


liquid crypto assets as a complement to its other financial investments to take part even more actively in procedures and much better assistance token-only jobs. . . Misunderstanding Crypto . This abandonment of crypto investments will also be triggered by other aspects. According to Maguire, there is a fundamental misconception of what crypto and also Web3 could use as brand-new innovations, with some financiers touting decentralization as a silver bullet. Maguire proclaimed: .
. Decentralization is not a

silver bullet that just addresses all troubles as well as is much better for everything. You understand for the substantial majority of compute, you want it to be systematized. . . The increase that blockchain-based firms have actually received from financial backing funds has actually been huge, being sustained by the passion that the market has established by NFTs, Web3, and also metaverse as trends this year.

Just in Q1,$ 30 billion were invested in fintech and crypto startups by VC business. . What do you consider Sean Maguire tackle the future of some VC financial investments in crypto? Inform us in the remarks area listed below.

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