Ice’s Big3 Professional Basketball League Sells Team to a DAO for 25 NFTs

Decentralized autonomous organizations( DAOs)have actually been getting high ticket products over the last 12 months as well as on April 28, the Degods DAO disclosed it got a Big3 professional basketball team called the Killer fours.

The Big3 expert basketball league was founded by the American rapper Ice Cube and also Big3 decided to market the rights connected to the group by leveraging non-fungible token (NFT )properties. Big3 Team the Killer fours Sold for 25 NFTs According to records, a decentralized independent organization built on the Solana network called Degods DAO has actually acquired a Big3 specialist basketball team. Big3 is a basketball organization crafted by the hip-hop magnate and star Ice Cube as well as the league video games are based on a 3-on-3 basketball tournament design.

Lately, the Big3 chose to sell the legal rights to a group called the Killer sixes by using NFT modern technology. The DeDAO has acquired a specialist basketball group. pic.twitter.com/TgcwKy9tLU 2014; DeGods(33.3%) (@DeGodsNFT)April 28, 2022 Essentially, the Big3 league decided to market 25 Fire-tier NFTs for $25K per unit. The NFTs give the proprietors civil liberties to Killer fives 2019; licensing, intellectual property (IP), and league-approved goods.

Degods DAO obtained the Killer fours team for roughly $625,000 by buying all 25 NFTs linked to the Killer threes. Degods DAO tweeted regarding the acquisition on April 28 and also shared a video that said: Now #x allow win a f *** ing champion.

Decentralized Autonomous Organizations Continue to Bid over Ticket Items

Degods DAO adheres to a number of DAOs purchasing high ticket products like residential or commercial properties, franchise business, NFT collections, and also IP legal rights. A DAO purchased an unreleased Wu-Tang Clan record called Once Upon a Time in Shaolin. Another DAO lately exposed it wanted to acquire fast-food restaurants as well as a DAO called Buy the Broncos DAO attempted to elevate $4 billion to buy the Denver Broncos. Numerous tried acquisitions have actually stopped working, like the Constitution DAO, which shopped an old copy of the U.S. Constitution however lost the public auction.

Degods is a popular Solana NFT task that has actually seen 397,300 SOL or $37,234,956 well worth of NFT sales quantity. The collection has 4.5 K proprietors as well as the existing flooring price is $28,162 or 300.5 SOL. A deflationary collection of misfits, degenerates, as well as punks. Gods of the metaverse [and] masters of our very own universe. Powered by the Solana Blockchain, Degods ummary on Opensea discusses.

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