Elon Musk, Mark Cuban Discuss Using Dogecoin to Solve Twitter Spam Problem

Shark Tank star Mark Cuban has created a way to fix Twitter 2019; s spam problem using the meme cryptocurrency dogecoin(DOGE). Tesla as well as Spacex CEO Elon Musk agrees that it is 201C; not a bad idea. 201D; Twitter lately approved Musk 2019; s acquistion deal. Elon Musk Optimistic About Mark Cuban 2019;

Elon Musk, Mark Cuban Discuss Using Dogecoin to Solve Twitter Spam Problem

s Dogecoin Idea Tesla CEO Elon Musk has been discussing on Twitter exactly how to resolve the system 2019; s spam robot problem. He has actually guaranteed to fix the spam trouble 201C; or pass away attempting. 201D; Twitter concurred to offer the business to Musk for about $ 44 billion last week.

One idea originated from American billionaire business owner Mark Cuban. He is a star in the business truth tv collection Shark Tank and also the proprietor of the NBA group Dallas Mavericks. In a tweet early Sunday morning, Cuban recommended that every person puts up one dogecoin(DOGE )for endless messages on Twitter. If any individual flags an article as spam and also a human confirms that it is, that individual obtains the spammer 2019; s DOGE. He better described that spammers need to upload 100 times even more dogecoin. If the article is not spam, the flagger sheds his dogecoin.

At the time of writing, Cuban 2019; s tweet has been liked more than 9K times. Dogecoin co-creator Billy Markus stated, 201C; I like this. 201D; Musk replied, 201C; Not a negative suggestion. 201D;

Many dogecoin fans believe that Cuban 2019; s recommendation is a great suggestion, keeping in mind that it is really favorable for DOGE. Some people are cynical regarding its feasibility, with some wondering about the requirement to start paying for what is currently a cost-free solution as well as requiring people to utilize the meme cryptocurrency as collateral to protect against spamming.

Some individuals elevated the problem of deceitful customers video gaming the system for profit. One Twitter user replied to Cuban: 201C; Nah. You didn 2019; t think this via. Just how do you handle deceitful stars flagging spam that isn 2019; t and human beings validating it is spam just to obtain the 2018; spammers 2019; pet dog coin? 201D;

The Tesla employer has promised to make 201C;considerable renovations 201D; to Twitter. He called crypto spam crawlers the 201C; single most bothersome issue on Twitter. 201D; Prior to the social media sites giant approving his acquistion deal, he said if his Twitter proposal succeeds, he 201C; will certainly beat the spam robots or die attempting. 201D;

Both Musk and Cuban have actually been pro-dogecoin. Musk is commonly called the Dogefather. In August last year, both stated that dogecoin is the 201C; best 201D; cryptocurrency for payments. Cuban 2019; s NBA team, the Dallas Mavericks, approves DOGE for goods as well as the Shark Tank celebrity has additionally been encouraging people to enter into crypto via dogecoin.

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