BTC Addresses Hodling 1 BTC or Less Have Been Stacking Since Mar. 2018

Bitcoin Whale Addresses are Comparatively Flat. With respect to Bitcoin whale holdings, the report by Glassnode notes that the supply held by addresses with 100 BTC or more has relatively been flat over the last three years.

However, this category of investors currently holds 62.62% of the Bitcoin supply and have increased their holdings by 0.87% in the last 12 months.

The report went on to provide the following breakdown of investor Bitcoin holdings since BTC broke $20k in December of last year.

– Octopus to Fish (10 to 100 BTC) have decreased holdings by -56k BTC

– Dolphin to Shark (100 to 1k BTC) have increased holdings by +331k BTC

– Whale to Humpback (1k to 10k BTC) have decreased holdings by -307k BTC

– On net across these cohorts, we have seen a slight decrease of -32k BTC representing only 0.24% of the total supply held by this cohort.

– Meanwhile our ‘sat stackers’ have accumulated +29.8k BTC in this same time demonstrating a gradual transfer of BTC wealth.

In brief:

  • Bitcoin investors holding 1 BTC or less have continued to accumulate sats since March 2018
  • This group of Bitcoin investors has weathered the volatility for 3 years and now own 5.2% of Bitcoin’s supply
  • Holders with 0.1 to 1 BTC increased significantly after the Coronavirus dip of March 2020

Bitcoin holders owning 1 BTC or less, have been continually stacking sats since March 2018. This is according to a recent report by the team at Glassnode that also highlighted that this category of investors now owns 5.2% of all mined BTC as explained below.

Since March 2018, bitcoin addresses holding 1 BTC or less have continued to accumulate their share of the BTC supply. Three years ago, ‘sat stackers’ held 3.97% of the supply and have since accumulated an additional 1.23%. This brings their current ownership share up to 5.20% of all mined BTC.

‘Sat Stackers’ Have Continued to Weather the Bitcoin Storms

The report goes on to point out that this category of ‘sat stackers’ has weathered the tense periods of volatility seen from mid-2018 to date. Additionally, the number of Bitcoin holders owning 0.1 to 1 BTC increased significantly following the massive Coronavirus dip of March 2020.

The chart below courtesy of Glassnode further provides a visual representation of the continual accumulation of Bitcoin by investors owning 1 BTC or less.

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