Decentralized Exchange Bisq Launches Mobile App, Holds Market Kickstart Event

Fully decentralized peer-to-peer crypto exchange Bisq has launched a mobile notification app for both Android and iOS systems. The platform saw record growth last month and is holding a market kickstart event as a way to boost liquidity.

Bisq Mobile App Launched

Bisq, a fully decentralized peer-to-peer (P2P) crypto exchange that allows users to trade fiats against cryptocurrencies, has launched a mobile notification app for both Android and iOS systems.

The project’s developers announced on Sunday, September 9, that “The Bisq mobile notifications app for iOS is now available from the app store.” This announcement came two days after the team announced, “The initial release of the Bisq mobile app for Android is now available.”

Both the Android and iOS versions of the app allow users to customize alerts for trades, offers, disputes, and prices. The app is linked to the desktop software where all trading is done, in a P2P environment.

Bisq’s latest version, v0.8.0, has a number of new features such as “Local / face-to-face trading, iOS and Android mobile app notifications, Halcash as a new payment method, and privacy improvements”, according to the developers.

August Was Record Month for Bisq

Bisq continues to grow in the number of users and trades this year. On September 4, the team shared the platform’s growth statistics for August, revealing:

August was a massive month for Bisq, setting a new record of 358 BTC traded…That’s a 26% increase over the previous record month of June 2017, and at a much higher average BTC/USD price…Also, 13,000 trades as of today.

Bisq developer Christoph Atteneder added that, in August, the total number of trades was 926 and the average number of trades per day was 30.

Since Shapeshift announced its move to a new membership model that requires know-your-customer (KYC) information from its users, Bisq has been highlighted as an alternative to Shapeshift. The Bisq developers tweeted on September 5, “Big news. Shapeshift bowing to KYC regs could mean many more users coming Bisq’s way soon.”

September Market Kickstart Day

The Bisq team is not solely relying on Shapeshift’s policy change to grow their userbase. To help build the liquidity of the platform’s order book, they are preparing for an event dubbed the “September Market Kick-Start Day.” The developers explained:

On September 20th 2018 we will try to get as many people as possible to place offers on Bisq as a way to kick-start liquidity after the summer and also launch the newest release.

They elaborated that “If we can reach 300 offers published on one day we will see a new high in the number of trades”, noting that participants who make at least one offer on that day will be rewarded 10 BSQ, the project’s own token designed to help fund platform development.

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