Streaming media and podcasts are great mediums for people to absorb this kind of information, with shows that break everything down in readily understandable fashion. However, some crypto shows are filled with nonsensical price predictions and broadcast hosts who could care less about user adoption.

In contrast to those crypto shows, the Bitcoin Cast Youtube program hosted by BCH proponents Christian and Tao Jones is a different story. During the beginning of every episode of Bitcoin Cast, the show intro says: “Unlike other shows, we are not here to focus on price – Join us as we cover some more user and merchant adoption of Bitcoin.”

There are numerous methods and resources available for people who want to be kept abreast of all the Bitcoin Cash happenings and gain some knowledge on certain aspects of the BCH technology.

Bitcoin Cash has been around for quite some time, but lots of individuals are still learning about the innovative technology each and every day. One particular way people can be kept up to date with crypto-related news and learn about the benefits of Bitcoin Cash (BCH) is through podcasts and streaming media. The Bitcoin Cast show is a BCH-centric program hosted on Youtube that covers user and merchant adoption throughout the BCH ecosystem.

Focusing on User and Merchant Adoption

Bitcoin Cash supporters Tao Jones (left) and Christian (right) from Bitcoin Cast. recently covered an interesting episode of Bitcoin Cast when show host Christian spoke with Oscar Salas, organizer of the Maracaibo city, Venezuela BCH meetup. Bitcoin Cast gives listeners a unique perspective on user and merchant adoption within the BCH ecosystem as the show hosts discuss various subjects surrounding BCH. The program’s 36 episodes also feature a wide array of well known BCH developers, executives, influencers, and enthusiasts.

Show guests include Jose from Eatbch, Code Valley’s Noel Lovisa, Podcast host Matt Aaron, Free Talk Live’s Ian Freeman, and Cointext CTO Vin Armani. Bitcoin Cast can be found on Youtube and Dlive, and the show also leverages the latest BCH tipping service for livestreamers The show hosts are big believers in the community and the broadcast’s fans and guests get thanked regularly on Twitter.

Bitcoin Cast Launches a Token That Bolsters Community Appreciation for Guests Spreading Bitcoin Cash Awareness

Just recently, Bitcoin Cast revealed that an SLP token was created for the show and the token is only given to past guests. The token was created so the program’s guests who are known for spreading user and merchant adoption can be rewarded in a decentralized manner. Essentially, anyone can send the Bitcoin Cast show’s guests a BCH payment via’s SLP dividend payment calculator. The tool lets users send BCH dividend payments to token holders and also allows people to airdrop SLP tokens to token holders as well.

“All you need to do is paste the token ID into the SLP dividend calculator”, explained Bitcoin Cast on Twitter. Further, Christian created a 5-minute tutorial video about the Bitcoin Cast SLP token so fans can get a grasp of what the token is all about. “Thanks in advance for any donations sent”, the Bitcoin Cast video description on Youtube states.

The Simple Ledger Protocol (SLP) token created by Bitcoin Cast.

When you want to learn about Bitcoin Cash or relax and listen to a casual show about the BCH environment, Bitcoin Cast hits the spot. Alternatively, there are a few other Youtube shows, podcasts, and livestreamers that cover BCH in great detail. There are listening programs like Collin Enstad’s Collin’ It Like It Is, the Coinspice podcast with C. Edward Kelso, the popular Youtube show Crypt0, and’s podcast network with show host Matt Aaron.

The Bitcoin Cast channel has 36 episodes with all types of different guests who help bolster BCH adoption and awareness.

As videos and streaming media continue to grow in popularity alongside the growth of the Bitcoin Cash network, you can guarantee there will be more and more great BCH content available on the web. The Bitcoin Cast show is a unique program for people who just want to focus on what they care about: BCH user and merchant adoption. At the same time, Bitcoin Cast viewers can show community appreciation for the show’s prior guests with the unique SLP token idea. Check out the intro video for the Bitcoin Cast token below.

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