Decentralized Home Rental Platform

The company was established in 2015 and now boasts about 120 thousand active users and 224 thousand objects advertised. Today the platform operates all across the US, but it has already attracted investors from other countries, including the UK, China, Canada, Australia, England, Germany, and more. The company plans an expansion to Europe and Asia in 2019.

What is Rentberry and why does the world need it?

Rentberry is a decentralized home rental platform aiming to automate all rental tasks while saving both landlords and tenants time, money, and effort.

Rentberry creates the optimal rental environment for both tenants and landlords.

It streamlines the entire long-term rental process with blockchain and smart contract technology and eliminates the need for a middleman, making it possible for tenants and landlords to complete all rental tasks in one place. Rentberry’s proprietary auctioning technology reduces traditional frustrations, scam rates, time delays, and friction points in the rental process to benefit both tenants and landlords.

What are the biggest advantages of the platform for tenants?

Firstly, tenants don’t need to overpay right away. Once they have attended an open house, they just have to fill out an online rental application. They can also invite their roommates to apply for the same property. Also, they can attach their credit and background reports to make a better impression and seal the deal faster.

The second great advantage is that the rent can be paid online. It is possible to say goodbye to paper checks! An ACH technology allows to connect bank accounts to the platform and make payments instantly and safely. Those who want to split their rent with roommates can enjoy Rentberry’s split payments feature.

And thirdly, the simplicity of the Rentberry’s platform ensures seamless and stress-free application process. There is no need to drive to the other end of the city to sign a rental agreement. Rentberry has partnered with HelloSign to give users a possibility to sign and store all rental documents online. Rentberry uses SSL encryption technology and ensures the safe storage of all documents signed and all payments made on the platform.

On top of that, Rentberry has its own currency called BERRY token. It is a proprietary cryptocurrency that helps landlords and tenants save time and money on all rental transactions made on a platform. Rentberry has partnered with Cryptonomos to perform the Initial Token Sale.

The Pre-Sale of BERRY tokens starts on December 5 and lasts until January 26. The minimum quantity of tokens to be purchased is 15,000 BERRY (10 ETH). The Pre-Sale process includes 4 cycles, during which one can receive significant bonuses:

  • Dec 5 – Dec 19 – 33% Bonus
  • Dec 20 – Dec 26 – 27% Bonus
  • Dec 27 – Jan 16 – 20% Bonus
  • Jan 17 – Jan 26 – 13% Bonus

Hurry up to get the most out of the deal!

The Main Sale of BERRY tokens starts on January 26 and lasts until February 28. The minimum amount of tokens for the Main Sale is 0.1 ETH (150 BERRY).

At this stage of ICO, the following bonuses are available:

  • January 26 – 7% bonus
  • January 27-28 – 4% bonus
  • For 1-3 ETH – 1% bonus
  • For 3-5 ETH – 2% bonus
  • For 5 ETH and more – 3% bonus

Detailed information on the Pre-Sale and the Main Sale of BERRY tokens can be found in Rentberry’s White Paper.

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