Jones Compares Bitcoin to ‘Power of Fire’ From the Gods

Exciting as this prospect likely is for many fans, Keiser used much of the interview time (when the two were not fighting with Nerf guns on set or playfully mocking each other) to push Bitcoin Core maximalism, so whether Jones will find a more balanced perspective remains to be seen.

On the show, Jones recounted how he reached out to Keiser for advice on getting into bitcoin, saying: “I should have gotten involved in bitcoin and things a long time ago. Now it’s settled out, will you explain it to me?”

Nevertheless, the husky-voiced Austin conspiracy theorist cited bitcoin’s potential to bring economic freedom to the masses, emphasizing:

The moment many conspiracy-minded bitcoin enthusiasts have been waiting for arrived yesterday when Info Wars muckraker Alex Jones compared bitcoin to a “power of fire” gifted from the gods to humankind. The bold commentary took place in the context of a Max Keiser interview, in which the Keiser Report host declared a new $400,000 target for bitcoin. The two discussed the freedom-forged properties of the permissionless money, the global economy, and the coronavirus connection.

Keiser Predicts $400K Bitcoin, Jones Explains Initial Hesitance to Jump in

“I’m raising my official target for the first time in eight years”, Keiser told Jones in a February 17 video interview. “I’m raising it to $400,000.” The BTC maximalist proceeded to argue that it is not too late to get into the revolutionary money of the future, and in fact, it’s just the beginning. “So this is your new chance to make the bitcoin phenomenon work for you, Alex Jones.” Keiser clarified that the $400K target is based on the value of gold, and called bitcoin “gold 2.0.”

For his part, Jones claimed the reason he hasn’t gotten into bitcoin for the last decade was a lack of understanding it fully enough to promote to his audience. Interestingly, the Austin-based libertarian stopped Keiser as he called Bitcoin Cash and other non-BTC cryptos a “scam” and said:

This is your opinion, I don’t even really know who these guys are … That’s another reason I’ve stayed away from it, it’s all the fighting in the cryptocurrencies, I don’t like infighting.

Things like bitcoin … It’s just like the power of fire, not just being with the gods but being given to Prometheus.

“It’s unconfiscatable”, Keiser affirmed. While in the Greek myth Prometheus was actually a Titan who stole fire from the gods to give to humans, Jones’s point is still perfectly clear: Satoshi ‘stole’ economic sovereignty from the elite classes, central banks, and regulators, and gave the possibility to everyone via bitcoin.

Global Debt Bubble and Coronavirus Connection

Bitcoin is “not a George Soros conspiracy, believe it or not”, Keiser ribbed Jones in one part of the interview. Though much of the airtime was spent in jest, some compelling observations were made about the nature of bitcoin and the dire state of the global economy.

Regarding the growing global debt bubble and central banks, Keiser maintained that “all of the mistakes made by the globalists or Tim Cook or Jeff Bezos or whomever are purchased from them for treasury bills and they get to wash their sins. It’s a huge money laundering operation at the central banks, and as long as the interest rates are zero, there’s no cost to them.” Connecting this observation to the effects of coronavirus, Keiser stated:

The question always with the coronavirus is: Is it gonna be more disruptive than the central banks’ ability to paper it over with more money printing. That’s the only question … The central banks have said ‘you know what, this is a disaster, this is a catastrophe, all of the supply lines are gonna be interrupted so what we need to do is we need to print more money. ‘

Bitcoin as Escape from Fiat Tyranny

Keiser went on to explain that though the money supplies are skyrocketing, the money is not circulating to the average person, which is distorting economic signals, and allowing governments to claim that inflation isn’t a critical issue, which is dishonest. He further noted that those closest to the supply (the central banks that create fiat money) typically buy hard assets that will go up in value such as rare artworks, while the inflated and devalued currency makes its way to the average spender at a very slow velocity.

Jones observed:

Because they get the first use of the money which then makes them kings.

“The people who are printing the money are treating everybody else as less than human”, Keiser added.

Should Jones’s audience take to bitcoin themselves in the interest of escaping these tyrants and central banks, an approach which leverages peer-to-peer electronic cash like BCH, and not just the “gold 2.0” of tribalist maximalism, would be key to preserving value and voting the ruling class out of power with everyday spending via bitcoin.

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