Developer Builds Self-Hosted Btcpay Alternative Supporting Bitcoin Cash

The developer’s announcement explained that the well known Btcpay server, another open source payment processor, refuses to implement bitcoin cash (BCH) support and they believe the organization won’t be adding BCH anytime soon.

A new self-hosted open source payment processor called Bitcartcc was unveiled on Friday, as the application’s creator announced the project via the read.cash blog.

On February 28, Bitcoin Cash (BCH) proponents were introduced to a new platform called Bitcartcc. The project is a self-hosted open source payment processor that allows merchants to accept bitcoin cash easily. Bitcartcc was created because the developers behind the popular application Btcpay refuse to add support for BCH. Bitcartcc was built so anyone can leverage a “light and fast solution” for accepting bitcoin cash payments.

Bitcartcc: Self-Hosted, Open Source Payment Processor With Bitcoin Cash Support

Because of Btcpay’s stubborn refusal, Bitcartcc’s creator decided to construct an alternative. The project was also spawned because Bitcartcc’s programmers wanted to accept cryptocurrencies with their newly developed Telegram bot without any fees. “We had limited funding and we needed a light solution too”, the Bitcartcc developer wrote on Friday. “Btcpay didn’t work, nothing did”, he added.

The creator of the self-hosted Bitcartcc platform also stated:

Bitcartcc is a light and fast solution for accepting cryptocurrency payments in your stores and apps, now supporting Bitcoin Cash – It is a self-hosted solution too, so you can be free of third-party for even just $3.5 a month, or even cheaper.

The admin panel’s main page.

Bitcartcc’s documentation shows a number of deployment methods people can use with the application like CLI, GUI, and a Telegram bot. It suggests hosting options like Lunanode, Azure, Google, Docker, hardware deployment​, third-party hosting​, Raspberry Pi deployment, and ​manual deployment. The types of people and groups who could utilize Bitcartcc include online merchants, and physical brick-and-mortar retailers. Bitcartcc can also provide benefits to those working with freelancer payments, invoices, bill pay, charities, local payment processors, exchanges, developers, hosting providers, and even offchain Lightning Network payments.

Bitcartcc highlights the attributes of the open source self-hosted solution which also includes:

  • Saving money (no fees, no subscriptions)
  • Cutting out the middleman (payments go directly to your wallet)
  • Enhancing privacy for you and your customers (no address re-use, no IP leaks to third parties)
  • Saving time (easy integration and installation)
  • Protecting yourself from interference in your business (self-sovereignty)
  • Decreasing the development time as we have ready solutions available for any kind of store

The Bitcartcc developer’s announcement highlights that the payment processor offers “full control.”

Bootstrap an Online or Physical Store in Seconds

People who already have an existing website can use Bitcartcc with the Woocommerce plugin. “We have a powerful web admin panel to manage your stores (yes, you can manage multiple stores with one instance), products, and invoices”, the Bitcartcc developer stressed sharing a demo of the admin panel and a store demo. “If you’re a starting merchant with no coding experience, we’ve got you covered”, Bitcartcc continued.

“Full-featured ready store, automatically fetching products you have inserted in the admin panel. You can bootstrap your own online or physical store in seconds.” Bitcartcc’s creator remarked that there are “unlimited possibilities” and the team built Bitcartcc on top of Electrum and Electron Cash with a number of forks.

On Reddit and social media, Bitcartcc was welcomed by the Bitcoin Cash community. “Nice project and very active programmer, wish you success”, one person wrote in response to the Bitcartcc project on r/btc. “Btcpay is all politics that align with Blockstream – They even support Adam Back’s shilled bitcoin gold over bitcoin cash and of course Blockstream’s very own Liquid which has literally near zero usage”, another person replied. The Bitcartcc programmer who goes by the name ‘Mr. Naif2019’ on Reddit said he has an entirely different vision than Btcpay. Bitcartcc’s developer stated:

In my project I am going to focus on community – Community thoughts are important, and because of community asking I have added Bitcoin Cash support. I want this project to be a solution for everything, polished with time and community ideas.

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