Bitcoin Cash Community Begins Crafting Q&A Stack Exchange Site to Build Knowledge Base

BCH proponents and developers are engaged in bringing Bitcoin Cash to the masses but there’s still a lot of work to be done. In November, BCH developers discussed the creation and maintenance of Bitcoin Cash specifications and Joshua Green and the Bitcoin Verde team have been curating the specs.

This week the community was introduced to a proposed Stack Exchange community dedicated to building the knowledge base for the BCH network.

On February 6, Bitcoin Cash supporters were introduced to a new BCH-centric Stack Exchange community called bitcoincash.stackexchange.com. The goal of the QA site aims to build a “knowledge center” for Bitcoin Cash developers and individual researchers interested in learning about BCH.

The Curation of a Bitcoin Cash-Centric QA Community Begins

Stack Exchange was created in 2009 in order to provide a robust QA website filled with topics that cover a variety of fields. The new BCH-based QA site intends to grow like the BTC version of Stack Exchange, so BCH developers and researchers can work together to get a better understanding of specific infrastructure and standards. Bitcoincash.stackexchange.com was presented to the community in a read.cash blog post to explain the site’s objective.

The author of the blog post, Nyusternie, explained that the invocation of the BCH-centric Stack Exchange at first starts with a proposal which if approved will become the official Bitcoin Cash Stack Exchange site. “It’s time to start building a knowledge center for Bitcoin Cash developers”, Nyusternie wrote. “Bitcoincash.stackexchange.com ‘could’ become a home for Bitcoin Cash developers, enthusiasts, and the like … but first, it will be up to the community to make it happen, by proving our worthiness to the gods of Stackexchange.” Nyusternie added:

BCH developers must stand trial before the Stack Exchange community.

The proposed BCH QA website needs to gather traction. Currently, the site is located in the “Area 51-Technolgy” section of Stackexchange.

Building a Significant Bitcoin Cash Knowledge Base

In order to please the QA site’s gods, Nyusternie detailed that interested people can propose and create sample questions. Users and developers can participate during the length of the site’s beta period so the platform can grow more robust. “The site is launched for a beta period to seed it with questions, develop the FAQ, appoint temporary moderators, and refine its design”, Nyusternie said. “If a site reaches critical mass, it becomes a full member of the Stack Exchange Network.”

At the time of publication, the BCH-based QA site listed in the “Area 51” zone has around 20 sample questions. Subject matter includes questions that cover Cashfusion, CTOR, the differences between ERC20s and SLP tokens, fractional satoshis, stablecoin creation, and SPV wallet topics. Currently, people can post questions, upvote, downvote, and attempt to close a specific topic.

At press time there’s a total of 20 questions and the site needs 40 questions to move onto the next phase of the QA site curation process.

Nyusternie’s read.cash post was welcomed on the Reddit forum r/btc and BCH enthusiasts commented on the idea. “Thank you for doing this”, one individual wrote in response to the Stack Exchange concept for growing a rich BCH knowledge base. Nyusternie also noted that not only does a QA website dedicated to BCH help people find answers to questions, but it’s one of the most well known sites for educational knowledge about technology, mathematics, and science.

Becoming a full member of the Stack Exchange will help BCH search engine discovery on sites like Google and Baidu, Nyusternie stressed. At the moment, bitcoincash.stackexchange.com needs to reach the 40-question minimum to move on to the next phase.

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