Tokenbox Platform to Invest $6 Million into Crypto Funds Development

Tokenbox was given a “Stable+”, high-quality assets rating category by the ICOrating agency. Top analysts of cryptomarket recommend to buy TBX tokens for long-term portfolios.

Tokenbox co-founder, Vladimir Smerkis, announced that the first 10 funds to be registered on the Tokenbox platform will receive a $6 million grant from the Tokenbox team. The project TGE (ICO) is planned for November 14th.

The amount of investors’ funds planned to be raised at the Token Generation Event is limited to $20 million. As stated by the Tokenbox team, 30% of investments are set to connect the very first fund managers and the Reserve Pool Funding. In case of maximum fund-raising, $6 million will be sent as initial investments to the funds selected by the Tokenbox team, according to a Due Diligence procedure.

It will include up to 10 funds with optimally diversified strategies and associated risks.

These investments should also be considered as the marketing costs necessary to attract professional management partners to the Tokenbox platform. The revenues and assets of these funds, if necessary, can be used to maintain the liquidity of TBX tokens, as well as to extend the functionality of the platform.

Thus, the first Tokenbox partners, both funds and traders, will have an opportunity to receive significant management funds, while using an alpha version of the platform.

Newly developed trading terminal, co-created by Tradingview and Tokenbox teams, perfectly balanced multicurrency portfolio, funds’ tokenization, legal transparency and mandatory KYC-verifications are named among the main advantages of the Tokenbox.

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