Your ICO 1.0 Guide

That “ICO 1.0” can cause quite the stink if you happen to stumble upon it, with toxic fumes rising from its decaying body of amorphous vagaries and lack of investor interest. That’s not to say that shit is without its benefits: flies depend on it, and flowers just can’t get enough of it.

The Internet can feel like a big, scary place but as you explore the online universe, you can rest assured that the dubious pleasure of accidentally stepping in dog shit remains strictly the preserve of the non-virtual world. However, as you run into yet another ICO, it can sometimes feel as if a fresh turd has been squashed beneath your tread.

The ecosystem thrives on excrement so, as environmentally friendly people, we have provided a guide on how to defecate your very own ICO 1.0.

Pretty landing page

So, where do people first encounter such a brilliant thing? Why on a cool landing page of course! Follow these simple steps and you will have your very own amazing landing page in no time.

  1. Every cool landing page worth its weight in gold needs some statistics. Slip in a few numbers, even if they are of only passing relevance to your project. It will look significant and impressive.
  2. To maximize your powers of persuasion, it is strongly advised to mention as many positive reviews as possible.
  3. Like in every healthy and prosperous relationship, a direct line of communication is essential, and it is no different when it comes to the people who visit your page. Provide them with the opportunity to ask you something in a pop-up chat.
  4. Finally, use “particles” as an animated background image. Everyone should know what your business is all about: blocks, connection and Blockchain!

Add gamification to your tokensale

Purchasing tokens should be exciting – give the users what they want!

  1. Everybody loves a sale. There are no limits to the number and type of discounts that your beautiful mind can create, so get to work! Discounts should vary from one group of people to another. For example, users, whose IP ends with 5, receive a five percent discount. Users, whose IP ends with 3, receive a 24 percent discount. Obviously.
  2. Feeling adventurous? ICO 1.0. suggests you participate in a freaky auction. A Vickrey auction will do the trick: the participants submit bids without knowing anything about how much others have bid. How fun does that sound?!
  3. Last but not the least: ICO duration should be tied to the lunar calendar. It usually starts with a new moon.  (If you are going to take part in a few ICOs at a time, you should follow the lunar calendar; do not miss the best projects!)

Impressive white paper is essential

Important ICOs usually have fancy white paper talking about Blockchain. Yours should too.

  1. Start your white paper with a brief overview of the entire history of Blockchain. Do not forget to include Satoshi Nakamoto’s story, he is already canonical!
  2. Use a few key but ultimately meaningless words: “Transparent! Trustless! Decentralization!” The more often you use the words, the better. It does not really matter why and how they are used.
  3. Reiterate just how important your project is. Convince investors that every schoolboy will be using your service in the immediate future. Charts and graphics will help you to achieve this goal.

Build your dream team!

N.B. A crucial section of any white paper is dedicated to the team. Before introducing them, you should recruit them:

  1. At least one Asian participant
  2. At least one woman. Unfortunately, there are not so many ladies in cryptosphere. Think about what you can do to improve the situation.
  3. At least one Russian grease monkey. Strive to maintain a reasonable number of Russians on the team.

Express your philosophy

FAQ and Roadmap sections could be included in the white paper or posted on the cool landing page. One thing remains the same: both should be very philosophical.

  1. FAQ contains a lot of answers to your inspiration and crypto-Jedi ways. Let people understand how you see crypto-culture. If they understand you, details will not be very important.
  2. Last but not the least is Roadmap. Roadmap is how you plan to spend the treasure launched on your ICO.

And what if you are fed up to the back teeth of ICOs 1.0: sophisticated-sounding, but ultimately bullshit? Pay attention to ICO 2.0 which is conducted by BlockShow.

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