GBX Provides New Crypto Investing Platform

The Gibralter Stock Exchange (GSX) is now offering the Gibraltar Blockchain Exchange (GBX), a new and way for crypto investors to take part in the rapidly growing cryptocurrency markets.

With passport rights throughout Europe, and already having the approval of European regulators, Gibralter is uniquely poised to create just such a platform.

Cointelegraph has been monitoring the ongoing BlockShow Asia conference, and several announcements have been made by Blockchain specialists around the world. One such announcement comes from one of the smallest independent areas in the world, Gibralter.

The system provides a platform where traditional investors may be more comfortable – a stock exchange model – and GBX will actively vet new offerings in hopes of ensuring the safety of its investors.

The plan, according to the company, is to create a harbor for investors who are too nervous to brave the uncharted waters of the crypto markets:

“Centered on the solid foundations of Gibraltar’s emerging regulations, the GBX seeks to become the world’s first nationally regulated digital asset marketplace and ecosystem, building towards a new era of certainty and stability for the world of Blockchain technology. Members of the fintech community will find their home for a secure, supported and vibrant crypto community.”

As BlockShow Asia continues, undoubtedly more will come. Keep your eyes on Cointelegraph to hear about all the announcements first-hand, as our team enjoys the conference live.

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